Jewelry Keepsake Urns & Necklaces for Ashes



The Jewelry Keepsakes today are an exceptional way of keeping memories of your loved ones. As options to various ways of cremating and remembering the deceased have increased, urn jewelry has taken an important seat in the scheme of things. Most of the cremation jewelry pieces you see started with In The Light Urns. We opened a whole new area in keepsakes, when we started with Blue Cobalt Keepsake, Locket Keepsakes, Bullet and Shotgun Shell Keepsakes and lots more.

The easiest way for a person to utilize a keepsake to save a memory of their loved one is to insert a lock of hair, cremains, crushed flowers, earth from a grave or sand from where a service took place.

This special keepsake has a slot that is designed to store a small quantity of the remains which can be carried along with the person at all times. Just like the variety in clothes, there are many styles to select your urn jewelry from. The styles range from religious cryptogram, animal figures and the common cylindrical shaped pendants. The commonly used religious symbols are the cross, heart, rosary beads and the Star of David. The infinity symbol and the tear drop design are also one of the popular styles. These are also available in materials ranging from gold, silver, brass, wood, glass and pewter. The pendants have exquisite graving on them and can also be designed to store a picture of the departed.

Since this form of storing the ashes of the departed is new, these pendants are known as several names. A few of these are known as memorial pendants, cross pendants, keepsake pendants, photo pendants, wood pendants and glass pendants. 

There are lots of benefits using urn jewelry. Firstly, one can keep the memories and a physical part of the deceased along with them for the rest of their lives. With this, you will have a part of your loved one along with you. They cannot be detected as urn jewelry as they are designed just like other jewelry and another person cannot see the remains of the deceased. Urn jewelry also comes in all forms of materials like gold and silver and has beautiful designs.

The small pendants fit under the clothes as they are just quarter of an inch in size. This will also not let others see the pendant. The larger ones available probably cannot be hidden beneath the clothes; however they are as beautiful as the smaller ones and have a fashionable look.

Though most urn jewelry is available as chains and pendants, this jewelry can also be displayed in glass domes. Usually, this dome is used as a permanent storage space for wood cremation jewelry and more, with these being removed only to be worn on special occasions. There are people that use this as a permanent storage for urn jewelry, and some that are never used.

Memorial keepsakes can also be used as an alternative to scattering cremains or ashes. The ashes are stored in glass pendants and distributed to several relatives and family friends that live all over the world. So, the ashes of the deceased actually are spread around the world.

Urn jewelry is popular as they have elegance of jewelry and also keep a memento of your loved one that has deceased.

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