Cremation Jewelry Keepsakes & Urn Pendants



With the modernization of a funeral ceremony and the importance given to it, cremation keepsakes have an important role to play in the entire process. Cremation keepsakes come in all sorts of colors, shapes and styles. This has made families want to keep a memento of their lost loved one's unique and that mostly depict their personalities.

There are several keepsakes to choose from that will last for a lifetime and can also be distributed among close family and relatives. Some very common keepsakes that are usually found in most homes are the photo keepsakes. The photo keepsakes are available in different materials, sizes and with exquisite decoration that add a special touch to it. Photo keepsakes can also be custom-made in ceramic, gold, silver, wood or even biodegradable materials.

Cremation Jewelry is also a unique way of preserving an everlasting memory of your loved one. These keepsake pendants offer to store memories in the form of flowers, ashes, hair and even remains from burial grounds. Most of these keepsake pendants can be custom-made according to requirement and have can even carry a small enclosure that will help keep a small bit of the memory. They are beautifully crafted with designs according to your requirement and the metals that are usually opted for are gold and silver. They can even be used to commemorate the death of your beloved pet dog, cat, bird etc.

Although traditionally cremation urns are used to compliment the memory of a loved one, keepsake jewelry can be used to transfer small portions of ash or even a bit of hair and these can then be distributed among the various family members and friends. This particularly serves the purpose of making sure that every family member carries the memory along with them, this also helps in coping up the loss that often brings in emotional stress and turmoil.

Keepsakes need not be only in the form of jewelry or pendants; they can also be created in such a way that it can be displayed at home, instead of wearing them all the time. You have the option of choosing a glass enclosure to store or hang the keepsake in, this makes sure that it stands the test of time, and is available for generations down the line. Several keepsakes that can be worn also come in storage boxes at are beautifully decorated. The keepsakes can be stored in these gracefully decorated boxes when they are not worn.

There are also picture keepsakes that are now available, where the picture of your beloved or close family member can be engraved or printed on a piece of jewelry. This makes it possible to carry the picture and memory everywhere. 

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