The Four Seasons Urn

Three Rivers, CA – December 19th, 2010 – In the Light Urns, a cremation urn company, released a new line of biodegradable cremation urns this week called the Four Seasons Urns. The urns are completely biodegradable and have been approved by the Green Burial Council.

Four Seasons Urn

Measuring 11” x 11” x 6” each urn representing the different seasons of the year. The designs for each season are engraved on the 93 square inch face of the urn.

Handmade of Red Oak in California these urns have a simple and eloquent look. The top, which slides open is sealed with a finely engineered 1mm piece of wood, which clicks the top shut. A Walnut strip of wood accents the top sliding piece. The urn will house the cremated remains of a person weighing up to 275 pounds before cremation.

A flower and grass is the design for spring, while the wind sweeping the snow is the design for winter; the bright sun with water at the bottom is the design for summer and a tree with aging leaves is the design for autumn.

This is the first line of memorial urns that incorporates the four seasons. Susan Fraser, Founder and President of In the Light Urns said, “Many people value the changing of the season, and we felt it was an important need to that should reflect the loved one's favorite time of year or the season in which were born or passed.”

In the Light Urns is a memorial store that has several exclusive product lines, found only with In the Light Urns. In business since 2001, In the Light Urns is on the forefront of search and development of unique memorials and cremation urns that fit the needs of many Americans. Other exclusive memorial collections include the Peaceful Pillow, Art Urns by Starlight Originals and Boy Scouts of America® Urns.

For more information visit In the Light Urns or contact Susan Fraser at (800) 757-3488.

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