Understanding The Funeral Rule

September 09, 2020 // Funeral Advice
funeral rule

Money is a huge factor with funeral planning. With the average funeral costing upwards of $10,000, it is not something you’d want to put on a credit card. But in the past, getting accurate pricing used to be a nightmare. The Federal Trade Commission changed that by passing the Funeral Rule. It forced businesses taking advantage of people’s grief to make costs transparent and easy to understand. That way, you receive exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.

Why You Should Preplan Your Funeral

September 02, 2020 // Funeral Advice

For millions of people every year, losing a loved one is a nightmare come true. In the midst of the weight of grief, they’re called upon to take care of their loved one’s final affairs and arrange for a fitting tribute. This is the last thing anyone wants to be in charge of with the pressure of perfection and the looming amount of people attending. And yet, this is what many families have to do, on very short notice.

Funeral pre planning is a solution to a stressful situation during a family’s hardest moments. By making some or all of the arrangements in advance, family members worry less about making plans or paying for a person’s final rest. And even better, people can live their last years knowing that they have made these plans for themselves, just the way they want it.

How to Memorialize with Cremation in a Cemetery

February 12, 2019 // All About Burial, Funeral Advice

When choosing the final preparations for a loved one, understanding your options is very important. Traditionally in the West, with burial, bodies are prepared and buried in a reserved plot with a marker (headstone). However, with cremation increasing in popularity, more and more people are wondering what options they have when it comes to the remaining ash. After a cremation, the amount of ash can range from 8-20 cups of ash, depending on the weight of the person before the cremation. The three most common ways to memorialize with cremation include scattering, burying or displaying the ashes in an urn. Choosing how to best memorialize a person after cremation is completely up to the family.

What is Cremation?

November 07, 2018 // All About Cremation

“Everybody will die, but very few people want to be reminded of that fact.” • Lemony SnicketDolphin urn, cremation urn, art urn, nautical urn

Alkaline Hydrolysis: The Future is Here

October 03, 2018 // Green Burial, Funeral Advice

A certain kind of eco-friendly cremation is turning into a heated debate. Many professionals in the industry see alkaline hydrolysis as the future of cremation. On the other end of the spectrum, some people want to ban funeral homes from using it. A few organizations dislike cremation in general. They use green cremation as an example of a bad choice. Better knowledge about the process could make it easier to conceive this debate in the midst of a growing interest in using the technology.

Coping With Loss on Mother's Day

May 08, 2018 // Funeral Advice

girl child standing in cemeteryThe loss of a mother or child can be a pain that people feel for the rest of their lives. On Mother’s Day, grieving families can experience an increase of sadness. By making space for their grief and finding new traditions, they can celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that keeps their love and memories fresh.

8 Facts About Cremation

April 19, 2018 // All About Cremation

scattering of cremated remains Cremation is the popular choice for people in 2018, but it remains a mystery to many. From cremation’s effect on the ozone layer to the forgotten ashes in a funeral home’s basement. There are many facts about cremation people don’t know, here’s the truth.

Cremation's Long Rise to Greatness in North America

People might think that cremation has been an easy choice forever. The truth is more complicated. Cremation has a long and winding history in North America. It grew at a slow pace. Then, in just a handful of decades, it exploded into the most popular choice today.

Is Green Cremation Right for You?

March 13, 2018 // Green Burial

Nature and green cremation Although regular cremation is definitely popular, many people want something more. As growing numbers of people choose cremation, they start to question the environmental effects of the process. Is there a better way? Recent trends suggest that there is. Alkaline hydrolysis is a newer form of cremation that uses less energy and may be friendlier to the environment. This process is still largely unavailable throughout the United States, but it may one day become the standard.