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    Thank you for sharing these tips! I am in the middle of planning my estate, just to be prepared, and now I have to choose an urn. However, I have barely seen any urns, so I don’t really know what I want to look for. I’ll be sure to set a budget first, and then look at the urns that fall under my price range.

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    Hi Delores,

    I am so glad this article was helpful for you. If you are still searching for an urn; our shopping site, https://www.inthelighturns.com/ has a large variety of cremation urns as well as keepsakes and jewelry for cremated remains. If you have any questions on any of our products, please give us a call at 1-800-757-3488 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you in finding just what you are looking for.

    Susan Fraser

  3. Deanna R. Jones

    Thanks for the tips! My grandmother just died and she’s asked to be cremated. The information about finding an urn for a good price will be helpful. My grandmother wants her urn to look a certain way, so knowing where to look for discount urns is very helpful. Are there funeral directors who offer services to help people find discount urns? I’m already looking for a funeral director to conduct my mother’s service, so it seems best to get an idea whether that’s a service that’s commonly offered at funeral homes.

  4. Christina Gerike


    I live in southern Spain close to Malaga. For my father I found the perfect urn:

    He always wanted to be spread under his favourite tree in his garten.
    But my mother still cant do it.

    Close by lives an artist who creates urns you can put in the garden or in a tree.

    I am so happy to fulfill my fathers wish and still have him close by.


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    I really like your tip about looking at different styles and customizations. My grandma has been struggling with her health for the past few months and she has told us that she wants to look into cremation. Having something that is personal to her would be a great way to remember her. We will have to see what options are available.

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    My mother is trying to preplan her funeral and has decided that she wants to be cremated. I had no idea that you could get cremation urns engraved and customized. I’ll have to talk to mom and find out what she wants. Hopefully, we can find a funeral home that offers cremation.

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    Hi Sarah,

    Planning ahead is something we encourage everyone to do, I hope that your mom finds an urn that is truly special to her.

    Best Wishes,
    Susan Fraser

  8. Jasper Whiteside

    I hadn’t thought about where the urn will be sitting after the service. The urn’s surroundings can play a big role in honoring the past loved one. If the urn belongs where it rests, as opposed to looking as though it was a spot on the shelf where the urn sat, it has a more reverent home.

  9. anil coelho

    My husband was cremated, the mortuary gave me his ashes in a temporary urn. The urn with his ashes weigh 6lbs. I am thinking of ordering the comedy tragedy urn. Would That Be Able To accommodate his ashes or does it have to be a larger size.. please advice.. thsnjs.. anil

  10. Dee hundkey

    How long does it take to receive engraved urn?

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    Hello Dee, All of out orders are guaranteed to arrive in 7-10 business days. However we do prioritize any expedited orders. You may select Next Day Air Saver, 2-Day Air and 3-Day Air shipping for expedited orders. For more information see here.

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    That’s really cool that you can get customized cremation urns with different things to match your loved one’s personality and style. I’ve heard of lockets you can buy that you can have the ashes put inside of as well. It’d be neat to give those to important people after the cremation service.

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    Thanks for the information on cremation urns. My grandmother recently passed, and we have been trying to find the right urn for her ashes. I didn’t realize that there were different urns for burial and display. We will need to decide which direction we want to go before choosing an urn.

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    Susan, I can definitely see why you would want to have a set budget when planning a funeral. My great uncle has recently passed away and he has expressed his wishes to be cremated. I definitely think that we should find a funeral home that could help to create a memorable memorial service by commemorating all of his accomplishes and supplying an attractive urn.

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    Hello Anil,
    The Comedy Tragedy Urn is the right size urn you are looking for. This urn is an adult size urn and can fit up to 200 cubic inches of cremains. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-757-3488 for any other questions.

    Susan Fraser

  16. Ashley Turns

    My grandpa is dying and has decided that he wants us to use some cremation services on his body so that he can be close to us always, and not just in a grave a few miles away. I love your idea to customize the urn in some way towards something they loved. Since my grandfather absolutely loves to sing and play his guitar, I’m sure we could find a great musically themed cremation urn for him after his death.

  17. Barbera Peters

    I recently decided to try and plan my funeral services although I would like to be cremated to it is important that I know what kind of urn I want to be placed in. You mentioned to decide on a resting place or display so that you know how to choose a memorial urn that can go with the place it will stand. That is a great point for me to consider with the rest of the process.

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    Hello Ashley,
    At inthelighturns.com there is a wide variety of music themed urns to choose from, including several different guitar style urns. Here is a link to lead you straight to our music urns page, https://www.inthelighturns.com/music-urns.html
    We also offer the option to customize any of our urns to help fit your grandpas personality as best as possible. If you need help in choosing the right urn or going over all the customization options you can give our customer service department a call at (800) 757-3488, and one of our memorial specialist can help you out.

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    Hello Barbera,

    I’m glad you found this post helpful. Feel free to check out the wide variety of urn options we offer at https://www.inthelighturns.com/
    We even give the option for customization! If you would like to speak more about your options when it comes to a final resting place you can call 800-757-3488 and speak with one of our memorial specialists as well.

    Susan Fraser

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    Hello Chris,
    Commemorating a loved one also helps with the healing process. Do you have a specific style in mind for your great uncle? If he had any hobbies that were special to him, we will customize any urn to fit their personality. Creating a memorable memorial service or cremation ceremony can be overwhelming. Take a look at our How To Create a Cremation Ceremony post about the steps to take to celebrate the life of someone you love.

    Susan Fraser

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    Hello Ernest,

    Yes, there are so many options to chose from when selecting a Cremation Urn. There are burial urns and urns that can be placed in a home, these are the most popular choices and more traditional route. Is that the type of urn style your family is leaning towards? There are also biodegradable urns that are eco friendly and scattering urns which both allow for easy travel to the desired destination. Choosing a cremation urn can be overwhelming because there are so many options. We have Memorial Specialists that can help guide you in your cremation urn choice. Give them a call at 1-800-757-3488 if you would like a more personal experience.

    Susan Fraser

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    Hello Leviticus,

    There are so many options for a loved one’s cremated remains. We have a list of the Top 15 Never Heard of Options for Cremated Remains adding to the various ways in making every individual urn unique to their personal style. Lockets can be a great way to spread a loved one’s cremains to those who were close. Wearing a cremation necklace or bracelet can bring a sense of peace to anyone who is grieving. There are also keepsakes of various styles if jewelry isn’t something frequently worn.

    Susan Fraser

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    Hello Jasper,

    There are so many different ways to display an urn. It comes down to the type of cremation urn style selected. People get very creative with urn placement. There are unique styles of cremation urns that we offer. There a plenty of themes to choose from and custom options available.

    Susan Fraser

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    I like how you said to consider customization of cremation urns. I am helping pick out an urn for my dog that recently passed away. Thanks for the tips on buying cremation urns.

  25. Joy Butler

    I didn’t know you could get an urn personalized and customized into many different things. I think it would be sweet to do this for my grandma. She wants to be cremated, and I would love to do something that represents her for her urn. Thanks for the idea! I will have to talk to my family.

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