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    I had no idea how much cheaper cremation is compared to a traditional burial. I have been considering how I would like my own funeral to go. It sounds like cremation would be a much cheaper option for my loved ones after I’m gone.

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    Yes, cremation has so many benefits vs traditional burial, the cost difference is definitely a big one. There are also so many different and unique ways to honor a loved one at passing through a cremation ceremony or scattering ceremony. You might be interested in taking a look at our new post, Scattering Ashes: Unique Cremation Ceremonies, for some creative scattering ceremony ideas.

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    Great information. I congratulate you on the article.

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    Lots of important information that everyone should know about. Thanks

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    I had no idea that the ashes left from cremation where actually ground up bone fragments. My friend is fascinated with death for a while and is considering becoming a mortician. I think that she would love to read these facts about cremation, as it may help her decide if being a mortician is indeed what she wants to do.

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    I had no idea that a green burial could be counted as a type of cremation. My grandmother is getting older, so she’s been wondering what type of funeral service she’d like to have. I’ll share this article with her, so that she can make an informed choice.

  7. Michelle

    I was considering cremation, but changed my mind after my mother’s body was stolen by the funeral home instead of being cremated, and sold for research or plastination. The FBI is investigating, it may be another year before we find out exactly what happened to her remains. All we know is that paperwork indicates her body was never cremated, but was sold. Because of the investigation we haven’t been told exactly what they found. DNA tests are being used to try to locate the remains. We don’t know whose ashes were scattered at my mother’s memorial, or if they even were human ashes.

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