1. Sharon Bertrand

    I’m 37 years old and just lost my mother July 11th her passing was sudden and unexpected it’s the hardest experience ive had to experience I feel so empty inside and the heartache continues over to each day I never thought I would have to live without her..I’m hoping with purchasing a heart pendant to hold her ashes and wearing it will help knowing she’s with me at all times still.

  2. Jennie Hammond

    I’m 35 and I just lost my mom unexpectedly on March 5. She was only 58. All I have left in my family is my 2 small children, a girl 4yr and a boy 5yr. I’m looking to purchase something small but meaningful that they can keep and she loved Dr. Pepper so I’m getting the can and hopefully putting Dr Pepper Mama. I’m going to spread her ashes like she asked and also doing both my grandparent’s ashes so I’ll be looking for something small I can keep their ashes in. This year his birthday falls on the 1st day of spring so it seems like sign from above for them to have the home they loved for eternity.

  3. //

    Hello Jennie,

    I’m so sorry you lost your mom so soon, it sounds like you have a wonderful plan to help memorialize her though. Being able to memorialize her in a way she would have loved is such a nice idea, and if she loved Dr. Pepper, our Soda Paper Can Cremation Urn is a great option that can be fully customized. If you need any help placing an order or if you have any questions about our other memorial products you can call 800-757-3488 and one of our memorial specialist will be happy to help.

    Susan Fraser

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