1. nicole taylor

    how do i go about buying one???

  2. Kim kerns

    Need a teddy bear urn to hold my fathers ashes pre cremation weight was 260 pounds
    Do you have any thing available ?

  3. admin

    HI Kim,

    At this time, there are no teddy bears to hold an adult. What people do, is to just use a portion of the cremains in the bear and have the rest in a larger urn. Some hold quite a bit, but they are not large enough for an adult. And the reason that a person’s cremains are about the size of a bag of sugar. So the urn would have to be very large to hold them all.

    Thank you,
    Susan Fraser

  4. Bridget

    If I were to already have a bear Alittle over a foot tall, does the company over modifications so I can store some of my husbands ashes in it? Its very important this it is the the bear he gave me.

  5. //

    Yes we can customize your bear to fit any reasonable amount of remains you would like. Please call us at (800) 757-3488 and ask for Susan ex 11.

    Thank You for inquiring

  6. chelsea holland

    How do I go about ordering a bear for my grandmas cremains? And what are the prices?

  7. Gretchen McDonald

    Have you considered stuffed animals, for us dog and cat lovers?


  8. Crystal

    I would like a monkey for my daughters remains she was 7 months when she passed away. She loved monkeys. How would I go about having a monkey urn made for her. I would love to have a little monkey to hold with her in it.

  9. //

    Hi Chelsea,

    We have plenty of Teddy Bear Urns to choose from. The prices vary depending on the style you are searching for. If you are still deciding on an urn style, we have tips available for people because it can get overwhelming.

    Susan Fraser

  10. Ream

    Hi, I’ve had my bear for about 5 years. It’s ivory and really dirty from dust. How should I go about washing it?

  11. //

    Hi Ream,

    We have had a large variety of teddy bears with different materials used over the years, to better answer your question would you be able to describe the teddy bear that you have?

    Susan Fraser

  12. //

    Could you tell me the price of a teddy bear urn that will hold some of my fathers ashes please

  13. Ali

    looking for a teddy to hold the ashes of my husband for my little boy to hug.
    I know that all teddies cannot hold the full amount but im looking for one that holds more than a few tablespoons. Can you advise which of your teddies hold the most ashes. thank you

  14. Sue harper

    My grandson lost his grandpa a year ago he watched over him I have his ashes and I want to get him something to remember him because he always says I want grandpa back he even talks to him he is a special child he helped take care of papa let
    Me know what I can get for him thank you

  15. Monica Diaz- Veliz

    My beloved pet a shih Tzu about 12 lbs passed away a week ago. I love the Lil Boy bear but want to make sure if she will fit inside the bear, and if is possible to make the outfit in pink since she my little girl. The bag of her ashes is small and fits my palm. is an organza little bag. Can you please let me know if it will hold her ashes and if possible the customization of outfit and perhaps embroidery of her name on outfit Bella Meigui. I really appreciate it and would like a quote as well to order as soon as possible.

  16. sonja

    I would like a monkey for my grandsons cremains. He was approximately 30 pounds at the time he passed away. Can you tell me what size I would need to hold all of the ashes and if I sent you a stuffed monkey, can you make the necessary alterations?

  17. Valerie

    Could I use one of these for my pug that I lost yesterday?
    Please contact me asap.
    Thank you

  18. //

    Hello Valerie,

    The product we sell has been used for pet cremations. Our Cremation Jewelry is a popular choice for an animal loss. We have plenty of customers who will send us a photo of their pet and create a personalized pendant. Pets to Rest is a cremation urns for ashes company solely dedicated to animal loss. Our Teddy Bear Urns are so great for comfort. Please give us a call at 1-800-757-3488 to speak to a customer service representative who can guide you through the ordering process. They are great when it comes to custom orders.

    Susan Fraser

  19. //

    Hello Sue,

    We have plenty of urns to choose from. To make the decision easier take a look at our blog post 3 Helpful Tips for Purchasing a Cremation Urn. From there, the choices can be narrowed down, making it easier to navigate. At In The Light Urns customers can shop by material and theme. Our customer service representatives are amazing as well, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 1-800-757-3488. They know the product very well and will be able to assist you in choosing the right cremation urn.

    Susan Fraser

  20. //

    Hello Ali,

    Depending on what type of Teddy Bear Urn you are looking for, we have a variety of options to choose from. They differ in size. Please contact us at 1-800-757-3488 to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives about the many different options available. Also, take a look at our blog post on 3 Helpful Tips for Purchasing a Cremation Urn to help guide you with your choices.

    Susan Fraser

  21. //

    Hello Darren,

    Our prices vary depending on the type of Teddy Bear Cremation Urn you are looking for. Was there a certain price point you wanted to stick within? The Teddy Bear Urnsare keepsake items, which means they hold a portion of cremains.

    Susan Fraser

  22. //

    Hello Sonja,

    Our company does not handle cremation remains, we offer products to place your loved ones cremains. However, we can send cremation urns to your Crematorium. The Crematorium or the Funeral home will be able to transfer the remains into the cremation urn. Here is a how to video to transfer the ashes yourself:

    Have you purchased a cremation urn for your grandson? We have plenty of options to choose from and tips to purchasing the right urn for your loved one. To figure out the proper urn size it’s 1 Pound = 1 Cubic Inch. Please take a look at our children cremation urns . These will be the proper size for your loved one.

    Susan Fraser

  23. //

    Hello Monica,

    Our Teddy Bear Urns are keepsake urns, meaning they only hold a certain amount of cremains. They hold at most 8 cubic inches of remains. It is 1lb= 1 cubic inch. It is very popular to choose multiple urn styles. Our cremation jewelry is a very popular option for pet cremains. We also offer personal engravings for our cremation jewelry. Customers will send in photos of their pet to place it on a pendant. This allows your beloved pet to be with you all the time. The prices vary depending on the urn style and size you are looking for. Please give our Memorial Specialists a call for additional information and customization at 1-800-757-3488.

    Susan Fraser

  24. //

    Hello I’m looking to find the bear I purchased 5 years ago it was the blue precious moments bear with angel wings in the back. I bought for my daughter and she sleeps with it every night but we cannot seem to find this bear please help

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