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Photo Urns

September 15,2010

Photo Frame Urn Photo Urns: Immortalizing a Loved One As most already know, a picture is said to be “worth a thousand words.” It’s true. A photo can serve to take the mind to another place in time, often resulting in deep reflection on the person being viewed. When faced with the immeasurable loss of a loved one, it is an important time for remembrance on how that person touched your life. Just seeing a photo of the departed as they lived, especially during a high point in their life or while doing something they loved, can be a comforting experience. Personalized urns, keepsake jewelry, and mementos often display a photo for that reason. Personalized Options For those who choose cremation, a personalized photo urn is one option to honor your loved one. In fact, it is a special opportunity to represent him or her as the unique and special person that they once were. By forever displaying a photo of your loved one on a personalized photo urn, you are perpetuating the warm memories of that person.  A photo urn can display a picture either as a framed photo or a precise and artistic laser engraving. Laser engraving is available on a wide variety of materials such as wood, marble, granite, and brass. Such options give you the chance to immortalize your loved one in a way that is best suited to their tastes and personality. Photo Cremation Lockets Engraved photo charms in silver and gold come in several shapes and designs. Another beautiful option to create lasting memories is a personalized cremation locket. They are available in different finishes, styles and personalization opportunities. Urn lockets hold a photo on one side with a compartment for cremains or a lock of hair on the other. These lockets give you the chance to carry a piece of the person you dearly cherish with you wherever you go. Photo Mementos Photo mementos are another deeply personal way of preserving the memory of the departed. With mementos meant for display or for everyday use, the possibilities are virtually limitless. A clock urn adorned with a photo of your loved one is a charming way to commemorate the treasured time spent with that person. In addition to clocks, jewelry and music box urns are available to keep your lost love one a part of your everyday life. A touching rendition of a song enjoyed by the departed such as “Amazing Grace” is a distinctive way to preserve the legacy of the person you adored and admired. While a photo urn, keepsake, or memento can’t take away the pain of losing someone, it is intended to be a sweet reminder to you of the person you want to honor. It’s nice to know that you can be comforted on a daily basis by the warm image of your loved one in a way specifically chosen by you to reflect that person’s individuality. Read more information about funerals.


Mon, 07/24/2017 - 04:37

I already purchased a photo frame urn,but I wasn't told that all of the remains wouldn't fit .I need one that I can fit all of my son's remains in.( with his photo on the front)

Rick Fraser
Fri, 09/22/2017 - 17:26

Hi Mayra, sometimes finding the right urn for the right size may be difficult. Some info as to ensuring what size you may need, is by looking up the cubic inches of the urn you are interested in. When a person is cremated, what typically matters is the height not so much the weight, If the person was 6' 4" then consider the largest urn you can get, an adult urn at about 240lbs will do, even if the weight of an individual may be 200lbs. The bones are what remain, the weight goes away. You may want to check out these photo urns we offer:
We also offer the option to customize an urn.
I hope this is helpful to you!

Susan Fraser

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