Honoring a Veteran with a Custom Military Urn

Honoring a Veteran with a Custom Military Urn

Veterans Urns Dedicating your life to preserving the freedom of your country and fellow US citizens is the ultimate sacrifice. Military Urns are more than a traditional final resting place or storage of a lost loved one’s ashes. Military urns are designed to pay very special tribute to honor and memorialize all American heroes who are veterans of the United States armed forces including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Military Cremation UrnsIf someone lost their life in the name of duty, or even dedicated part of their career to previous military service, the memory of each serviceman or servicewoman who has ever fought to preserve our freedoms should be celebrated, acknowledged and respectfully remembered. Military urns help families pay tribute to and observe the life of their lost veteran, saluting their courage for eternity. All American veterans have fulfilled a mission to protect and defend their country’s freedom, and military urns pay homage to their patriotic duty and selfless sacrifice. Symbols Military urns complete a veteran’s passion for their country and ensure their historic legacy lives on. Most urns for veterans are respectfully designed to mirror patriotic and military branch themes, colors and symbols. These types of military urns represent liberty, freedom, bravery, and the strength of the American spirit. Bald eagles, stars and stripes, military emblems, medallions and other American patriotic symbols are often featured design elements on military urns.


Like all cremation urns, military urns are offered in a variety of styles, forms, materials and designs. Cremation urns can be composed of wood, metal, marble, ceramic or glass in traditional vase shapes, statues or boxes. Urns for veterans can be customized in the many ways to pay tribute to the person being memorialized such as photographs, engraving, and symbols of the specific war or branch of the military in which they served. Cremation jewelry is another deeply personal option that comes in a variety of styles including dog tags, bullets and shotgun shells so family members can always keep their loved one close to their heart. Military urns in locket shapes can hold a photo and a small portion of cremains or lock of hair.

All military urns help families keep the memory of a veteran alive and create an irreplaceable piece of family history and legacy. Throughout history and across cultures, people have engaged in very special tributes to honor and preserve the spirit of their fallen soldiers and military heroes. All urns are meaningful, and while military urns also serve the traditional purpose as final resting places for the ashes of a loved one, they are also symbols of a veteran’s heroic life, career and legacy.


Thu, 11/28/2013 - 08:31

Yes Urns are a way to show respect and remembered the love ones .By doing this we making sure that the peoples we lost they are always in our heart.

Rick Fraser
Sun, 12/08/2013 - 06:28

As a competitor of online cremation urns I would like to commend your website and say that we think you do a nice job in honoring our Veterans.

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 04:15

My husband was a 26 year Army/Special Forces/Special Operations career soldier.

Do you have urns with Special Forces/Special Operations logos?

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