1. Joe Schmoe

    He should be frozen so he can come back and sell more amazing gadgets.

  2. De

    I believe after he is creamated his ashed should be put away until Apple starts construction on their new “spaceship” looking HQ’s. Steve should be put into a “time capsule” in a memorial way so he becomes part of the new building he is so responsible for being built.

  3. RF

    He will be scattered into the wind as a cremated sole that has given more to to humanism than ANY. 😉

  4. Connie

    He’s at the cemetary with other techies.It’s general knowledge now.

    Well the family said “burial” and “laid to rest” I’d guess he has a lawn crypt or ground/vault grave.

    I live in California and I’m not being cremated.Doubt it’s 50%.It’s not so bad doing it the old fashioned way.
    My family always has had casket ground burial

    I bet if he had been cremated,he’d be at home.That’s why some families cremate,to have their loved one at home since home burial isn;t allowed in our state.Yech we can’t even have pets with us at the human cemetary,,,why is that?? Not fair.Only rich people of the past like Scotty of Death Valley are buried at their home.Some folks in mountain towns are buried in their backyards.

    Ya know I’d thought he would have a natural burial out in the woods.He seems the type to want to give back to the earth but it’s a gross way to go.I don’t think the folks there are buried six feet under more like three.

    Someday we’ll find out …maybe months from now.

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