Transporting Cremated Remains: Following Rules, Solving Problems

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Most people who choose to be cremated want to have a portion of their ashes scattered or buried in a place that was exceptionally meaningful to them. However, families may hit a snag or two in the transportation process, if they do not plan ahead.

The rules to transport cremated remains require some forethought and the purchase of the right cremation urn. With attention to detail and local regulations, families can move the ashes of their loved ones to a fitting final resting place.

Is It Easy to Transport Ashes by Car?

moving boxesDeciding to transport ashes by car is the simplest method. Families need not worry too much about the rules they must follow, so long as they do not intend to cross into another country.

What Is An Urn Vault?

Urn Vaults: Providing Ultimate Protection For Cremation Urns

Regardless of the many choices people have for cremation urns for ashes, some families prefer to stick with tradition. Historically, cremation urns have been stored in a permanent place in a cemetery, or otherwise kept at home. People who want their ashes placed in an urn and put to final rest in a consecrated cemetery, should consider purchasing an urn vault to hold their urns.

Urn vaults are often required by cemetery administrators for proper maintenance of a person’s final remains. There are many different styles available for an urn vault, so that people can select the vault that is best for their needs.

Aboriginal vs. Non-Indigenous Funeral Traditions Among Australians

April 02, 2015 // Cremation Ceremonies

Around the globe, no matter where they live or how different they may seem, all people have some basic things in common. One of them is the eventuality of death and coping with the death of loved ones. How we cope with death is a defining characteristic of both our universal humanity and of our individual cultures; the rituals following death can vary greatly. Whether to bury, cremate, memorialize, or never speak of them again, each culture has developed its own way of dealing with the unfortunate but inevitable end of life. The aboriginals of Australia have an ancient and fascinating culture that is still very much alive in parts of the country today. Aboriginal mortuary rituals are as wide ranging as the country itself, due to the different cultural groups spread over the continent.

Unique Ways to Store Ashes

When choosing cremation, you must decide what to do with the ashes of your loved one. In addition to dispersing ashes in a favorite place or storing them in a funeral urn, a wide array of other options are available. The choices are virtually limitless and greatly different in style and purpose. Ashes can be a visible part of everyday life or small cherished keepsakes brought out only for special occasions. The choice is yours. Ashes can be kept in a variety of vessels such as jewelry, holiday ornaments, home decor, and many other everyday accessories.

Maintaining a Budget with Cremation

January 21, 2012 // Funeral Advice

Cremation CostsMoney can’t be taken with you, but it’s unlikely that anyone would like their remaining savings to be spent on funeral services. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral in the U.S. costs around $6,500. The emotional distress of a death is difficult enough, without the worry of a financial burden that often comes with planning a memorial service or funeral. Cremation funerals have become an increasingly common option in the U.S. for many reasons, one of which is the great cost of traditional ground burials.

Teddy Bear Urns – Comfort for Those Bereaved

November 24, 2011 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Ask anyone who have been bereaved what they miss most about their loved ones who passed away and they will invariably answer that they miss holding their loved ones in their arms.  Hugging someone not only brings comfort but also conveys love.  This is probably the reason why people who have been bereaved opt to buy teddy bear cremation urns to contain their loved ones’ ashes rather than regular urns.

Memorializing a Cowboy or Cowgirl

cowboy memorialThe spirit of the cowboy has always been associated with a sense of freedom and dedication. Those who spent their years in the saddle have a common bond to nature that few others share. When you lose a cowboy that’s close to your heart, it seems fitting that his love for the lifestyle be honored. Cowboy urns, artistic statuette urns and other western-themed urns show the world a little a glimpse into the life that your cowboy once lived.

Grieving A Loved One: How to Cope

November 01, 2011 // Funeral Advice

5775839_lBefore delving into this topic, let it be clear that there is no cookie cutter way that one should grieve. Coping with a loss is not a simple act. It’s a process that can only be appropriately experienced through time and contemplation, and it’s an experience that’s unique to each person. Although it would be nice, it is impossible to put grief on the fast track to acceptance. The road to recovery can be bumpy and full of ups and downs. For this reason, it is important to find constructive ways of dealing with your loss.

How Will Steve Jobs be Memorialized

October 06, 2011 // Memorials

October 5th, 2011 is a date that a lot of people, including the writer of this post, will remember for long after the day - we have lost a great source of inspiration, Steve Jobs. Although I wasn't completely shock, I did have trouble believing the news for about 10 seconds. His intelligence and business savvy mind set gave me confidence in technology and gave me something to strive toward in my own way. The question stands: Will he be cremated and what kind of urn would he want? There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to ask themselves, "How will I be memorialized?"  For William Randolph Hearst it’s a huge mausoleum in Colma, CA.

3 Helpful Tips for Buying Online | In the Light Urns

Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience and making arrangements for their final resting place is not the easiest of tasks, especially while grieving. When it comes time to select a cremation urn you may find yourself overwhelmed with the vast selection of options available. Today’s urn options go well beyond function to serve as beautiful, personalized symbols that represent your loved one’s life and legacy. Choosing the best urn for you and your loved one is a deeply personal decision, but an essential part of the memorial process. Here are a few important factors that will help you select the right type of cremation urn to memorialize your loved one. 1.