Cremation Keepsakes - Create a Lasting Memorial

It’s easy to feel a deep attachment to cherished artwork, a family heirloom or a piece of jewelry because they remind you of someone special. Cremation keepsakes offer a whole other level of personal connection to a loved one who has passed by keeping them close and part of your daily life. It is extremely difficult to lose a loved one, but cremation keepsakes allow you preserve their memory and keep their presence with you in a very special and personal way. Cremation keepsakes come in a variety of forms from jewelry to home décor and even pens. These types of cremation keepsakes hold ashes, locks of hair, dried flowers or other personal, sentimental items. Here are a few unique and customizable forms of cremation keepsakes that help maintain the memory of a loved one in a very special and deeply personal way.

The Cremation of a Bishop

August 01, 2011 // Death and Religion

The passing of a Catholic Bishop often gains attention by the media.

Organic Cremation Urns Honor Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

companion urnsOrganic urns are increasingly becoming a desired option for families looking to bury loved ones while making minimal impact on the environment. Made of biodegradable materials such as sand and recycled paper, these “green” alternatives help conserve natural resources while preserving land space. They are an ideal solution for people who want to make an environmentally conscious burial choice. Their Eco-friendly nature provides a meaningful way to honor people who lived their life by being responsible to the planet.

Cremation Urn For A Jazz Lover

Jazz is one of the most emotional and expressive forms of music, and for many people, it becomes more of a lifestyle than a hobby. In death, it's fitting to memorialize a loved one's passion, and this certainly includes the music that touched and changed their lives. There are a number of ways to customize a cremation urn for a jazz lover with subtlety and grace.

Seasonal Urns: Memorializing During A Season

From the time of childhood, the four seasons are glorified from an ordinary act of nature into an experience that represents the changes in of one’s life. The fall reminds us of the beginning of school and the start of the holiday tide: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Winter symbolizes a time of togetherness and family with the celebrations of Christmas, Hanukah and, of course, the cold weather. In remembrance of loved ones who have passed, there are many cremation memorials which honor the lives of those no longer with us through seasonal cherished memories.

Rosary Urns by In the Light Urns

Smooth beads draped across your fingers, a quiet prayer. The priest calls out, “Amen,” and your eyes open. They rest on the jade beads and delicate sliver chain of the rosary and you smile. Green was his favorite color. knights-of-columbus-rosary-keepsake-urn-dde A rosary is not just an exceptional tool of religious faith, but a reminder, a link to something other than ourselves. Rosary Urns have gained popularity since the Catholic Church raised the ban on cremation in 1963, and even more so since further Church relaxation in 1997.

15 Famous Mothers and Their Memorials

May 11, 2011 // Memorials, Memorials

Throughout written history, women have typically been left out of history texts and ancient scroll works. When discussed, they were noted for being quiet queens to noteworthy kings and emperors. When a man rose particularly high in society, his mother was often regarded well, what a wonderful man, he must have had a fabulous mother. So here we offer a list of famous women and their memorials, mostly unknown for their prowess as a mom, but for achievements all their own. Through a myriad of memorials the globe, we are reminded of their bravery, dedication, and strength. But it’s true that they were all devoted mothers, kissers of tears, singers of lullabies, and watchdogs of curfews.

Cremation Urns and Air travel

May 06, 2011 // Scattering Ashes

Updated on 11/16/20

Traveling with an urn is a necessity for many of us. Traveling by plane can be stressful, fortunately, the process is made simple when you understand a few TSA guidelines.

Homeland security requires that all carry-on items go through an x-ray device. There are many x-ray compatible urns, like the Eco Pod Collection, Palm Frond Basket Urns, or the Simply Scattering Tubes.

If you prefer a heavier, thicker urn, like brass or marble, it may be best to purchase a temporary container to carry-on the cremains, and pack the permanent piece with checked baggage.

It’s important to contact your chosen airline in advance of travel for their specifications.

Dog and Cat Cremation Urns

Cat UrnsDog UrnsThe loss of a beloved pet is a devastating event. No matter the breed or species, our animal companions are priceless gifts, giving love unconditionally for nothing in return but the same. Because most pets, like cats and dogs, are lifelong companions, there through thick and thin, the gripping loss can be hard to bear.