Companion Urns - Finding an Urn for Two

dignity-companion-bronze-urns-heart-base-a8fA Turkish Proverb states that “A good companion shortens the longest road.” When navigating the road of life, nothing is more comforting than to travel it alongside the one you love. It seems only fitting that life-long companions should not have to be separated after their physical lives come to an end. Companion urns are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of loved ones, while creating a place to be forever united. Companion urns are offered in different styles to suit the wishes of the departed and their survivors.

Race Car Urns and Memorials for Drivers

February 19, 2011 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Racing is a wonderful sport. Our founders Susan and Richard Fraser enjoyed drag racing in the late 1970’s in Orange County. So we hold racing dear to our hearts at In the Light Urns.

Pre-planning a Funeral or Cremation Ceremony

February 08, 2011 // Funeral Advice

If you’ve ever seen a friend experience the loss of someone close, then you have likely witnessed the pain, sadness, confusion and overwhelming stress that person endured while making funeral arrangements. It can be extremely taxing to configure cost and fulfill your loved one’s wishes when emotions are running high. On the contrary, there are pre-planning steps you can take to ease the burden on the family members left behind.

Engraved Urns for Ashes

January 19, 2011 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

How to Connect the Urn with the Individualtree-of-life-urn-2c6 Engraved urns for ashes make a tremendously personal statement and can offer some solace and comfort during an extraordinarily difficult time. It creates a lasting memorial, representing a cherished life. Custom engraved urns can be anything you desire, from a classic yet simple engraving on urn to an elaborate urn in the form of an object that symbolizes a hobby, career or passion.

Four Seasons Urns Approved by Green Burial Council

December 21, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Four Seasons UrnsWe are happy to announce a new cremation urn to our collection. The Four Seasons Urns are completely biodegradable, using only green products that degrade naturally into the earth. There are no screws holding the urn together and the glue is not toxic. The urn is finished with natural beeswax giving it a lovely and elegant look.Biodegradable Urn Recently approved by the Green Burial Council, the Four Seasons Urns are beautiful and green. Because we are unable to ensure that all wood is harvested with a specific area, the urn is ranking a 4/5.

Scattering Ashes Insights and Information

October 09, 2010 // Scattering Ashes

smokey-grey-scattering-tube-ea1Dispersing the ashes of a deceased family member or friend is a beautiful and spiritual experience. It symbolizes the freeing of someone’s soul go to its final resting place. You can make the ash scattering as meaningful and personal as possible, so your loved one gets the final cast-off that he or she deserves. Here are some options for dispersing the cremains of the departed: Water Scattering Spreading the ashes of a loved one at sea or another body of water is an elegant and serene way to honor the dead.

Saying Goodbye with the Right Pet Memorial

September 20, 2010 // Losing a Pet

26016 (1)Giving your pet a dignified farewell is really an important part of saying goodbye. Like human companions, pets play huge roles in our lives and our families lives. They offer unconditional love, steadfast camaraderie, and cheerful homecomings and company. For these and many other reasons, the death of a pet is a hard thing to deal with. That is why memorializing your friend is an important step to take.The individuals at Pets To Rest are committed to making the process of losing a pet as easy as possible. Their large selection of pet urns and keepsakes are helpful in memorializing your pet.

Finding the Right Memorial for a Musician

September 19, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

An Urn is a Wonderful Option to Memorialize a Loved One with Musical Talent. Musicians seem to be a special breed all their own; if your loved one was a musician, you know that they are blessed with a gift that not everyone in this life is lucky enough to possess. A musician cremation urn is the perfect way to pay tribute to someone who was in touch with their senses, that loved music to their very core.

Photo Urns

September 15, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Photo Frame Urn Photo Urns: Immortalizing a Loved One As most already know, a picture is said to be “worth a thousand words.” It’s true. A photo can serve to take the mind to another place in time, often resulting in deep reflection on the person being viewed. When faced with the immeasurable loss of a loved one, it is an important time for remembrance on how that person touched your life. Just seeing a photo of the departed as they lived, especially during a high point in their life or while doing something they loved, can be a comforting experience.

What We Can Learn From the Sony Film "Death at a Funeral"

September 12, 2010 // Funeral Advice

Death at a Funeral was really a good film, that brought a kind of lightheartedness to losing a loved one. There are several take aways that we can get from this film. Here are a couple: 1.       After someone dies you’ll likely learn some things about them that you didn’t know. Stories will get told and passed around and it can really be helpful to remember them in this way. It’s a good idea to join the conversation and learn about your loved one. 2.       Things can wrong at the funeral. This is a difficult time and people are under a lot of stress. Take the time to understand that people are going through a hard time and that they may be acting differently than usual.