All About Biodegradable and Earth Friendly Urns for Burial

August 30, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes
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Updated on 11/13/2020


As many people seek to live greener lives, continuing that momentum in death is becoming more popular. As a result, biodegradable urns are increasingly in demand.

Cremation is not only budget-friendly, but an eco-friendly option as well and biodegradable urns allow the life to come full circle, returning to nature. Over 50 million people die each year. Traditional burial services can have a very negative environmental impact, but choosing green options such as a bio urn help lessen the impact on the earth. 

Formaldehyde, a chemical often used in traditional embalming practices, is considered harmful by many including by the World Health Organization. Once in the ground it has the potential to seep into the earth, contaminating the ground and water. Biodegradable urns come in many forms, which can be dissolved, disintegrated or decompose naturally.

Honoring a Veteran with a Custom Military Urn

August 28, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Veterans Urns Dedicating your life to preserving the freedom of your country and fellow US citizens is the ultimate sacrifice. Military Urns are more than a traditional final resting place or storage of a lost loved one’s ashes. Military urns are designed to pay very special tribute to honor and memorialize all American heroes who are veterans of the United States armed forces including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.

Burial Urns for Pets

August 12, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Paying Tribute to a Loyal Companion The loss of a pet, for some people, is just as tragic as the loss of a human life.  Burial urns for pets are a good way to pay tribute to your beloved dog or cat.  No other pet will ever replace them, and your loss is real.  As with the loss of a loved one, you will most likely go through the grieving process before you begin to heal.  Burial urns for pets help make the loss more final, so that you can move forward with life. Often, those you work with, friends, and even family members cannot understand how you can be so upset.  As humans, people tend to be sympathetic toward the loss of human life.  They offer their ears to listen, food, cards and more, but when you lose a pet there is often no one to console you.  Burial urns for pets help you feel as though you did something out of respect for your pet, to demonstrate the love and feelings you have inside.

The Perfect Way to a Heart-Felt Memorial

August 06, 2010 // Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

In Memory Heart Music BoxEveryone knows that the heart is simply an organ of the body, yet it has symbolized love and deep-felt emotion for thousands of years. Heart keepsakes are the perfect way to memorialize a loved one who has passed; nothing shows your love and respect quite like the heart, which breaks when you lose someone very near and dear to you. Heart keepsakes come in a wide variety of themes and designs for those who want a truly meaningful way to remember a loved one.