Rosary Urns by In the Light Urns

Smooth beads draped across your fingers, a quiet prayer. The priest calls out, “Amen,” and your eyes open. They rest on the jade beads and delicate sliver chain of the rosary and you smile. Green was his favorite color. knights-of-columbus-rosary-keepsake-urn-dde A rosary is not just an exceptional tool of religious faith, but a reminder, a link to something other than ourselves. Rosary Urns have gained popularity since the Catholic Church raised the ban on cremation in 1963, and even more so since further Church relaxation in 1997.

15 Famous Mothers and Their Memorials

May 11, 2011 // Memorials, Memorials

Throughout written history, women have typically been left out of history texts and ancient scroll works. When discussed, they were noted for being quiet queens to noteworthy kings and emperors. When a man rose particularly high in society, his mother was often regarded well, what a wonderful man, he must have had a fabulous mother. So here we offer a list of famous women and their memorials, mostly unknown for their prowess as a mom, but for achievements all their own. Through a myriad of memorials the globe, we are reminded of their bravery, dedication, and strength. But it’s true that they were all devoted mothers, kissers of tears, singers of lullabies, and watchdogs of curfews.

Cremation Urns and Air travel

May 06, 2011 // Scattering Ashes

Updated on 11/16/20

Traveling with an urn is a necessity for many of us. Traveling by plane can be stressful, fortunately, the process is made simple when you understand a few TSA guidelines.

Homeland security requires that all carry-on items go through an x-ray device. There are many x-ray compatible urns, like the Eco Pod Collection, Palm Frond Basket Urns, or the Simply Scattering Tubes.

If you prefer a heavier, thicker urn, like brass or marble, it may be best to purchase a temporary container to carry-on the cremains, and pack the permanent piece with checked baggage.

It’s important to contact your chosen airline in advance of travel for their specifications.