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Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience and making arrangements for their final resting place is not the easiest of tasks, especially while grieving. When it comes time to select a cremation urn you may find yourself overwhelmed with the vast selection of options available. Today’s urn options go well beyond function to serve as beautiful, personalized symbols that represent your loved one’s life and legacy. Choosing the best urn for you and your loved one is a deeply personal decision, but an essential part of the memorial process. Here are a few important factors that will help you select the right type of cremation urn to memorialize your loved one. 1.

Cremation Keepsakes - Create a Lasting Memorial

It’s easy to feel a deep attachment to cherished artwork, a family heirloom or a piece of jewelry because they remind you of someone special. Cremation keepsakes offer a whole other level of personal connection to a loved one who has passed by keeping them close and part of your daily life. It is extremely difficult to lose a loved one, but cremation keepsakes allow you preserve their memory and keep their presence with you in a very special and personal way. Cremation keepsakes come in a variety of forms from jewelry to home décor and even pens. These types of cremation keepsakes hold ashes, locks of hair, dried flowers or other personal, sentimental items. Here are a few unique and customizable forms of cremation keepsakes that help maintain the memory of a loved one in a very special and deeply personal way.

The Cremation of a Bishop

August 01, 2011 // Death and Religion

The passing of a Catholic Bishop often gains attention by the media.