Transporting Cremated Remains: Following Rules, Solving Problems

April 24, 2015 // Uncategorized
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Updated on 11/13/20

Most people who choose to be cremated want to have a portion of their ashes scattered or buried in a place that was exceptionally meaningful to them. However, families may hit a snag or two in the transportation process, if they do not plan ahead.

The rules to transport cremated remains require some forethought and the purchase of the right cremation urn. With attention to detail and local regulations, families can move the ashes of their loved ones to a fitting final resting place.

Is It Easy to Transport Ashes by Car?

moving boxesDeciding to transport ashes by car is the simplest method. Families need not worry too much about the rules they must follow, so long as they do not intend to cross into another country.

What Is An Urn Vault?

Urn Vaults: Providing Ultimate Protection For Cremation Urns

Regardless of the many choices people have for cremation urns for ashes, some families prefer to stick with tradition. Historically, cremation urns have been stored in a permanent place in a cemetery, or otherwise kept at home. People who want their ashes placed in an urn and put to final rest in a consecrated cemetery, should consider purchasing an urn vault to hold their urns.

Urn vaults are often required by cemetery administrators for proper maintenance of a person’s final remains. There are many different styles available for an urn vault, so that people can select the vault that is best for their needs.

Aboriginal vs. Non-Indigenous Funeral Traditions Among Australians

April 02, 2015 // Cremation Ceremonies

Around the globe, no matter where they live or how different they may seem, all people have some basic things in common. One of them is the eventuality of death and coping with the death of loved ones. How we cope with death is a defining characteristic of both our universal humanity and of our individual cultures; the rituals following death can vary greatly. Whether to bury, cremate, memorialize, or never speak of them again, each culture has developed its own way of dealing with the unfortunate but inevitable end of life. The aboriginals of Australia have an ancient and fascinating culture that is still very much alive in parts of the country today. Aboriginal mortuary rituals are as wide ranging as the country itself, due to the different cultural groups spread over the continent.