Funeral Urns



Loosing someone can be an extraordinarily difficult concept to process. This is particularly true when it happens to people who are seemingly so full of life. In order to help ease the pain, many people suffering bereavement choose to remember their deceased friends and loved ones in unique ways. The individuals at In The Light Urns understand this, and to meet this need, offer a wide variety of distinctive funeral urns and cremation keepsake urns. Our newest line will include all the family name badges and or crests on our cremation urns. These surname urns for ashes will allow families to show with pride, their family name and badge or crest. Each Urn is personalized completely, and we will be adding not just the Celtic names, but German, Swedes, Danish and all other surnames with coat of arms for an urn. The special badges urns, coat of arm urns, family crest urns, and family badge urns with all be carved in three-dimensional to show off the hard wood to the best degree. See our Celtic Urns for your loved one.

In The Light Urns is different from traditional funeral cremation urns provider in that it features unique and individualized products to suit a variety of aesthetics. That is not to say that In The Light Urns specializes solely in unique funeral products. Individuals who prefer traditional and classically styled funeral urns have an equally vast selection of conventional products to choose from at In The Light Urns. But, there is one line that we have offered for many years, which are the Lifetime Hourglass Urns. Our current urn are a 10" tall Hourglass. These are keepsake and cannot hold but a small amount of ashes, they are engravable and a beautiful way to remember a loved one with an Hourglass Keepsake Urns

In The Light Urns features exceptional funeral urns and keepsakes that are impossible to find elsewhere. From jewelry in metal, silver, gold vermeil and 14k gold and Peaceful Pillow Military Burial At Sea to standard brass and ceramic urns, the products offered at In The Light Urns are both high in quality and artistic design. Purchasing a funeral urn for the cremains of a friend or loved one isn't the easiest of tasks. Fortunately, the people at In The Light Urns are there to make the process a bit simpler. And a final category to look at are the Music Cremation Urns. We offer 4 guitar urns, these miniature electric guitar urns are very cool. We also have an Acoustic Guitar and Dobro Urns. Plus Banjo, Violin and Cello urns, also Bass Accordion and all Wind Instrument Cremation Urns, plus some adult Music Box Urns as well.

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