Garden Faith Adult Book Urn


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The Garden Faith Adult Book Urn is super sturdy, gold foil edged, professionally made urn, in our adult book style. These urns read: Faith

Both the outside, front, back and binding have flowers and butterflies throughout. Inside is finished in similar colors and the garden themed patterns. A bio bags is included, if you choose to place this urn in the earth.

These urns are ideal to keep at home as long as you like, and are perfect to travel to scatter on water or land and can also to placed in a casket in the future. You can place the original bag of cremains directly into the urn or transfer to the biodegradable bag that is included.

Size & Measurements:

With this purchase of the Garden Faith Adult Book Urn you will receive an urn that is sized at 8 1/2" x 1 1/8" x 11" and holds 200 cubic inches of ashes. Two other sizes are available, the companion is sized for a two adults and a keepsake or shared urn, to split ashes. Both are sold separately.

Additional Features:

*TSA Approved Materials
*Caring Professional Service
*Biodegradable Bag For Cremains

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