Finding a Perfect Glass Urn


glass cremation urnsIt is not easy to find the right memorial for your loved one. Under the right circumstances, however, finding the right memorial can help kick-start the healing process. As excruciating as the loss may be, finding the perfect vase in which to preserve cremations is the first step in moving forward. That is precisely why the individuals at In The Light Urns try to make the experience both creative and hassle-free.

In The Light Urns is host to a vast selection of cremation containers, some of the most popular of which can be found in their selection of glass urns. The Glass Sphere keepsake urn is a perfect example of this extraordinary collection. Unlike conventional vase-style urns, each Glass Sphere urn is made to order using cremation ash that you provide. Made with extreme attention to detail (not to mention the utmost respect), The beautiful Glass Sphere Keepsake urns are individual works of art.

Glass Cremation UrnsGlass pendant urns are another popular product that can be found at In The Light Urns. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these glass urns can be filled with cremation ash, a lock of hair, or any small memento of your loved one. Each pendant comes with a black satin cord (which enables it to be worn as a necklace) as well as a satin keepsake box.

It can be difficult to find the right memorial that works for you and your loved one. There is no shortage of options when it comes to the glass cremation urns found at In The Lights Urns. Whether you want to commemorate your loved one's individual spirit with a one-of-a-kind ornament or prefer a modern twist on a more classic style, rest assured that In The Light Urns will have what you are looking for. A cremation urn as a memorial will not only bring closure to the passing of a loved one, but will also serve as a tribute to the memory of your family member.

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