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Glass Pendants Urns

Glass is one of the most loved materials for cremation jewelry, because you can see the ashes through some of the pendant urns. These tough, strong glass ash pendants have been beautifully hand make by talented glass artists in the USA and around the world. These Glass Ash Urns are a wonderful way to remember a special loved one. Remember her with a Pink Ribbon Keepsake Urn.

Other cremation jewelry that we offer Cremation Jewelry includes Silver, 14k Gold, Gold Vermeil and Stainless Steel Pendants. Our glass pendants section also includes Hearts, Teardrop, Owls, Hourglass Urns, Blue Cobalts, Ribbon Keepsakes, Tigers and Elephants as well the USA flag.

We are dedicated to providing quality glass ash pendant urns at reasonable prices. We strive to be the very best we can, to help you during this time. In The Light Urns offers several different kings of keepsake jewelry which can be found on our cremation jewelry page. We also provide a great selection of glass memorials and Glass Adult Urns for ashes. Only available at In the Light Urns.


Jewelry Reviews

Jewelry Reviews

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