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All our gold vermeil cremation jewelry urns are designed and made by professional jewelers. We offer one of the largest selections of Gold Vermeil Cremation Jewelry Urns available. We have a wide variety of Gold Cross Ash Urns, as well as Mother of Pearl Hearts, and include urn for mothers, fathers, babies, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Gold vermeil cremation jewelry is always a popular choice because of its durability and resistance to corrosion. If you are looking for a variety of lovely styles and designs, you will find our selection of necklace urns and pendants beautiful and affordable. Great prices, quality and birthstones are offered every day at In The Light Urns.

The tradition of cremation jewelry goes back hundreds of years, when jewelry was created by enclosing a lock of the deceased person’s hair in gold, silver and other precious metals. Our gold cremation jewelry offers you many styles and designs to suit any need, and each comes with a free gift box, as well as a funnel and glue for placing the cremains securely inside the urns. We also make custom designs for our customers. Contact us for the cost and time to make a one of a kind Gold Pendant Urn for your loved one. At In the Light Urns, we offer beautiful cremation jewelry that allows you to keep your loved one close in heart and spirit at all times. Thank you for browsing our stainless steel keepsake jewelry.


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