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The Golden Pearl Cremation Urn is a genuine brass urn with the beauty of gold and white pearls. An amazing urn, the color and shape offers the expression of love and beauty. This urn shimmers beautifully and must be seen in person to appreciate. It is ideal to keep at home and sized for a niche. This urn has the option of a protective Black Velvet Bag to safely keep the urn in.

Size & Measurements:

The Golden Pearl Cremation Urn measures 8 3/4" tall x 8" wide, and will accommodate any adult at 228 cubic inches. This urn has a special powder coated interior. The threaded top lid closure can be permanently sealed with a drop or two of super glue.

Additional Features:

*Professional Craftsmen
*Quality Workmanship
*Lifetime Warranty


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I got this urn for my girl poodles and needed a place for my sweet girls ,who I lost recently, perfect.

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 21:33

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