Heart Locket Keepsake


Heart KeepsakeA heart locket keepsake is the perfect way to keep a loved one's memory close to you not only now but long in to the future. We never want to forget those who have passed, and many use the keepsake to preserve their memory. With a piece of cremation jewelry, your loved one will remain not only in your mind but in your heart as well forever.

When you think of jewelry, you normally think of wearing it. In the case of a heart locket keepsake, there are several uses. You may want to wear it yourself; after all, it is an exquisite piece of jewelry, and those around you will never know it is out of the ordinary. Additionally, some people choose to place jewelry in the casket of a loved one who does not choose cremation, or it can be displayed as a loving memorial to your loved one if you have an urn on display in a special area of your home.

If a heart locket keepsake sounds like the perfect memorial, there are several to choose from and all are beautiful. The Leaf Heart Silver Locket is made to hold a portion of the cremains or a locket of hair inside, and is embellished with detailed leaves made of 12 kt. Black Hills gold. This stunning heart keepsake can also be engraved with a special poem or saying, so that it holds even more meaning.

Heart Urn The Leaf Swirl Heart Gold Locket is just as beautiful, and a good choice for those who love delicate jewelry that is both elegant and durable. This heart locket keepsake is gold filled, and embellished with a 12 kt. Black Hills gold leaf design; this locket is engravable as well.

For something a bit more unique and modernistic, the Embrace Heart Lock-It is held on a stainless steel ball chain, and is made of sterling silver. This heart locket keepsake is transparent so that the hair, flower petal, cremains or other memento you choose to place inside is visible.

No matter how you intend to use it, a heart locket keepsake is both beautiful and meaningful. When you want to make sure that a loved one who meant so much to you in life remains in your life and memories after passing, these lockets keep them close in spirit, heart and soul.

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