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The individuals at In The Light Urns believe that cremation vases should celebrate life rather than bear reminders of death. As a result, their extensive collection of urns is both distinctive and functional. From motorcycle-themed products to traditionally-styled pieces, all the items at In The Light Urns are designed with the celebration of life in mind.

Some of the most distinctive products at In The Light Urns are the cremation jewelry. Serving as constant reminders of loved ones who have passed, jewelry cremation urns are both unique and beautiful. A perfect example of the many fine pieces available at the In The Light Urns is the Victorian Heart Silver Locket.

Exclusive to In The Light Urns, the Victorian Heart Silver Locket serves as both a stunning piece of jewelry and a keepsake urn. The front of the locket features delicate etching of leaf and ribbon design. The inside allows for a small photograph of your loved one on one side and a small keepsake on the other. Should you prefer to place remains in the keepsake side of the locket, In The Light Urns will be happy to tend to the sealant process.

Another popular product from the In The Light Urns jewelry collection is the Cylinder Keepsake. Offered in either sterling silver or brass, this classic cylinder pendant is designed to be filled with cremation ash and worn as a necklace. In order to prevent tarnish, the Cylinder Keepsake is carefully treated with protective silicone. Each one comes in a black velvet gift box. For more information, feel free to contact In The Light Urns directly at (800) 757-3488

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