"The Day God Took You Home" poem:
Canadian Geese Poem Urn

"I'm Free" poem:
Spring Mountain Poem Urn

"If Flowers Grow in Heaven" poem:
Hummingbird Poem Urn

"Secret Tears" poem:
Cowboy Poem Urn

"Do not Stand at my Grave and Weep" poem:
Mountain Home Poem Urn

"Gone, Yet Not Forgotten" poem:
Eagle Poem Urn

"Irish Prayer" poem:
Guardian Wings Poem Urn

"I Am" poem:
Angel Wing Poem Urn

"Release Me" poem:
Lavender Fields Poem Urn

"Build A Stairway" poem:
Smokey Mountain Poem Urn

"Death is Nothing" poem:
Lighthouse Poem Urn

"Footprints In The Sand" poem:
Footprints in the Sand Poem Urn

"An Old Irish Blessing" poem:
Irish Blessing Poem Urn

"A Silent Tear" poem:
Oceam Poem Cremation Urn

"23rd Psalm from David" poem:
Heavenly Clouds 23rd Psalm Urn

"Isaiah 40:31" poem:
Eagle Isaiah 40:31 Urn

"She Became a Butterfly" poem:
Butterfly Poem Urn

"He Is Gone" poem:
Western Outdoor Poem Urn

"I Thought of You Today" poem:
Rolling River Poem Urn

"Poem of Life" poem:
Tree Lined Road Poem Urn

"Funeral Blues" poem:
Heavenly Clouds Funeral Blues Poem Urn

"Too Late" poem:
Autumn Trees Poem Urn

"Afterglow" poem:
Violet Forest Poem Urn

"The Last Ride" poem:
Motorcycle Poem Urn

"Loved By All" poem:
Country Winter Road Poem Urn

"Come With Me" poem:
Eternal Glory Poem Cremation Urn
Road To Heaven Poem Urn


Journey of Love Urns

Photo Personalization

The Journey of Love Urn Series offers the most popular sympathy poetry, plus we can include a picture on the urn of your loved one. Your picture can be used to personalize your loved ones urn. Each beautiful hand crafted walnut urn is made in the USA and finished with a warm finish. Each urn has a beautiful high resolution image covering a range of topics of interest to your loved one. Our professional images have the most sought after poetry including, Come to Me, Funeral Blues and the 23rd Psalm.

We imprint each Journey of Love© Urn with your loved one's name and dates and we can even add an image, as shown here of your loved one. in the oval.

If there is something that you are interested in, and you do not see it, just let us know and we will customize an urn for you.

Lifetime WarrantyGUaranteed