Cremation Jewelry Urns

Large Selection of Beautiful Cremation Ash Jewelry - Love Charms™ Option

Sterling Silver, Gold, 14KT & 10KT Gold, Stainless Steel, Glass & Wood Necklace Ash Pendants, Bracelets, Rings & Jewelry for Ashes


Here are some answers to FYQs about our Cremation Jewelry Urns & what they are made of.

Do all the Jewelry Ash Pendants come with Love Charms & Birth Stones?

All Stainless, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, Wood, Glass and Kate Mesta Jewelry have the option of Love Charms.  Love Charms include an Engraved Tag and Mini Wing.  Birthstones and Chains are available as well.  All 14 KT Gold Pendants come with free gold filled chains.  All other pendants have the choice of Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Ball Chains or Black Satin Cords. 

Are your Cremation Jewelry real Silver?

All Sterling Silver pendants are .925 Sterling Silver, unless otherwise noted. Our Sterling Silver is 100% Guaranteed. Since real silver can tarnish and so we included a polish cloth with each Sterling Silver order. Love Charms, Birthstones and Chains are offered.

Are your Cremation Jewelry real Gold?

All Gold pendants are Gold Vermeil over .925 Sterling Silver, or over Stainless Steel. Gold Vermeil is 100 millionths of an inch of gold, the best plating available. The result is a lasting gold jewelry pendant, with the richness and gleam of real 14kt gold.  Our Gold Vermeil is 100% Guaranteed. Gold Vermeil is easy to clean a soft warm soapy cloth. Love Charms, Birthstones and Chains are offered.

Are 10KT and 14KT Gold pendant Guaranteed?

All 10 KT and 14 KT Gold pendants are available in Yellow, and some have the option of White or Rose Gold. We offer the world standard for 10 KT and 14 KT Gold Jewelry.  When you choose a real Solid Gold here at In The Light Urns, Inc. in 10KT and 14KT Gold, they come with a chain, can be engraved are 100% Guaranteed. 

I like Pewter, what can you tell me about Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Pewter is a very common jewelry now-a-days and will last with good care, it is sturdy and looks good forever. Stainless Steel is much newer in the jewelry industry, and most people don't know how wonderful this metal is. It is the toughest material that we offer for a pendant. It is strong, it is beautiful, stays looking shiny and bright forever. Think of it as the same material we use every day in our utensils, it can bear just about anything, so it used for key chains most often. Plus, Stainless Steel is a good "buy" and we have a 100% Guaranteed. 

Are the Locket Jewelry Urns difficult to fill & seal?

The instructions make these very easy to fill and seal, and many customers have found that it is helpful to keep the person you are missing with their picture, close to your heart. All our Locket Jewelry Urns offer a place for your loved one's picture, weather it is a dog tag locket, glass lock or heart locket. And on the other side is a place for the ashes or even a lock of hair. The original creation of lockets was for a picture and a locket of hair of someone far away. These Locket Jewelry Urn Pendants create a lovely family heirloom, forever. Our Locket Jewelry Urn Pendants are 100% Guaranteed. 

Are the Glass Jewelry Pendants strong enough to everyday wear?

Our Glass Pendants are made of high quality glass and are sturdy enough to wear every day. In the 19 years we have offered handmade Glass Jewelry Urns, we are not aware of any pendant breaking. Most people naturally take such good care of their jewelry and keep it safe went when not worn. The artists of the Glass Cremation Jewelry are extraordinary in their ability to make beautiful pieces for clients. And each piece is thought out and designed with the needs of the individual wearing the jewelry in mind. All our Glass Pendants are 100% Guaranteed.

How are the Wood Ash Pendants made?

The designers of our Wood Cremation Pendants are extraordinary in their ability to add wood and metal to create a stylist and secure pendant urn. These modern jewelry making techniques have contributed to a line we have offered since opening our doors 19 years ago. Beautiful wood pendants are a link to nature and your loved one. All our Wood Jewelry Ash pendants are 100% Guaranteed.