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Key Chain Keepsake Urns

At In the Light Urns, we offer a huge variety of high quality key chain keepsake urns, and many of the highly popular Rearview Mirror keepsakes as well. We realize that even during the most heartbreaking times of your live, budget is still often a concern. You are grieving the loss of a loved one near and dear to your heart and life, and now is not the time to have to worry about costs. Our key chain keepsakes are an affordable way to memorialize your loved one, and a lasting tribute.

Our Keep The Memory® Wood Urn Series of urns have a matching key chains with a cylinder to hold the cremains. These urns and key chains are a wonderful way to have a replica of an urn that might be buried or far away in a niche. These keepsakes are a wonderful way to keep someone you love, close.


Solid 10-18 Karat GoldSolid Gold Cremation Jewelry


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