Losing a Parent


You may grieve here for the loss of a parent. It's natural for our parents to die before us; nonetheless, losing a mother or father is difficult to come to terms with, because you've lost part of your past, a part of yourself, a friend, a helper and possibly a wise counselor.

losing a parentYour parent(s) play a fundamental role in a life and the grieving process is painful yet something that can be trusted because it is a natural response to loss and will eventually guide you back to restoring your personal life. Even though there is no understanding why, you have to have faith. Faith is knowing for sure what is not seen and losing a loved one means having faith in the love they experienced on their journey with you. May the memories reconnect you with the warmth and security of their love.

Grief is the powerful, often painful and confusing, response to the loss of an important person in your life. It changes how you feel, physically and emotionally, how you think and how you behave. It is important to realize that 'normal' grieving does not mean it is 'easy'. Grief is a difficult experience after losing a loved one; having an understanding of the many feelings and sensations involved will not take the pain away but it can help to make it more manageable.

Whether the relationship was close or difficult, whether contact was regular, or occasional and distant, parents are a reference point; one of the ways in which we define our sense of self and our place in the world. Although your parent(s) is physically dead, he or she will continue to live through you. The values your parent(s) gave you will affect you for the rest of your life. Take what is good from them and incorporate it more fully into your life…and be thankful for the good you received.

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