Love Stories that Ended in Death

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Romeo and Juliet
A love forbidden by 2 rival families. This famous Shakespearian play shows a dedication of love and commitment to one another even although their love was forbidden by both families. Ending in suicide and death from poison.

Cleopatra and marc Anthony
A case of love at first sight of two powerful people became a tragedy ending in death and suicide. After a marriage defying treats of the Romans, and false news of Cleopatra's death, Marc Anthony fell on his sword leading Cleopatra to take her own life.

Tristan and Isolde
Isode the daughter of the king of Ireland fell in love with Tristan the nephew of her betrothed. After an affair and marriage to others, after falling Ill Tristan sent for Isolde and a deception of his wife of marriage led him to die of grief before Isolde could reach him. Isolde soon after died of a broken heart

The love story of Salim and Anarkali
Salim, the son of a great emperor fall in love with an ordinary courtesan, Anarkali. The love of a woman that was seen as beneath his class set son and father at war with one another with Salim being sentenced to death at the hands of his fathers army. Anarkali to save his life, renounced her love only to be entombed alive in a brick wall in front of Salim.

Pyramus and Thisbe.
Another love story where the families were against their marriage. While attempting to meet in the fields, a lion was spotted by Thisbe. Although she escaped, the lion got her veil. When Pyramus sees the lion with Thisbe's veil, He pierced his chest with his sword, when Thisbe sees what Pyramus has done, she takes the sword and also takes her life.

Paolo and Francesca
Francesca, married to Gianciotto Malatesta was having an affair with his brother, Paolo. When they are discovered they are killed by Gianciotto Malatesta

Orpheus and Eurydice
Orpheus fell in love and married Eurydice. While being perused by another god, Eurydice ran into a nest of snakes which bit her fatally on her legs. Orpheus was so saddened that Eurydice was allowed to return as long as he walked in front of her and didn't look back. When he turned to look at her for the second time, she vanished forever.

Napoleon and Josephine
With a romance full of infidelity and drama, Josephine could not produce the heir that Napoleon needed so el left her for another woman and she died of a broken heart. Some say that he carried violets from her garden in his locket until he died.

Juan and Evita
Evita coming from poor beginnings, fell in love with Juan Domingo. After changing the entire scope of Argentinean government and being one of the most beloved couples of the area, Evita tragically died of cancer after one of their biggest victories.

Czar Nicholas II and Alexandra Federovna
Another case of the families of this couple being against their relationship, being determined to be together and public ally affectionate. They were executed together when the Bolsheviks took the Russian royal family captive.

Jack & Rose
In the Titanic, Jack and Rose are from different social classes, but fall in love aboard the ill-fated ship. In the end Jack faced sure death in the icy waters to give Rose the chance to be spared.

Will and Elizabeth
Will and Elizabeth of the pirates of the Caribbean again a couple of different social classes are destine to fight for their love until ultimately Will is killed and dies in Elizabeth's arms

Old yeller
A different kind of love story of a boy and his dog, ending in the death of the animal as a selfless sacrifice of its own life.

Jesus in Christianity
Again a different kind of love story. In Christianity, believed to be the greatest love story, where God gave his son to be sacrificed on the cross for the love of his people.

Alli & Noah
In the notebook after a long life of love, the couple battling various medical conditions die together hand in hand.

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