Medium or Shared Cremation Urns

Medium or Shared Cremation Urns are sized differently to hold a small or larger portion of ashes. Since family often do not live close, and family and friends often would like to have ashes, we offer these smaller that adult sizes. Materials vary, from brass, resin and marble to biodegradable and more. Our biodegradable urns are for burying at sea or in the earth. Or you may choose to scatter ashes. Most any urn can be used as a scattering urn, but tubes make the scattering very easy.

Check the cubic inches that the urn can hold. If you like a larger urn and don't have enough ashes to fill the urn. Place tour plastic bag of ashes in the urn and add mementos. These can be jewelry, eye glasses, pictures and more.

Each artist or maker, makes each with love and care, with materials varying from brass, wood, ceramic, Raku, resin, Lucite and biodegradable materials.

We can do the almost the same engraving on a medium urn as on an adult urn. Brass, marble urns and plates can vary in the amount of engraving, but we can still add a name, dates and sentiment in most cases. Custom engraved urns are a very affordable and special way to memorialize your loved one, please call for something special.

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