Biodegradable Urn Collection Launched by Memorial Products Provider


Biodegradable UrnGreen Burial Council approval is awarded to In the Light Urns.

Three Rivers, CA – September 3rd, 2009 - In the Light Urns, a California based company that offers quality memorials, understands that environmental awareness and "going green" is becoming a greater issue with much of the population. The company offers urns, jewelry, and caskets, and strongly believes that biodegradable urns are a compelling way to finalize the passing of a loved one, and sanctifies life to many survivors.

In the Light Urns realizes that an increasing number of families desire to preserve the memory of their loved ones without using preservatives. Traditional burial frequently involves the use of treated wood and steel caskets, concrete vaults, and formaldehyde embalming fluids, and concerned consumers seek alternative memorial options that are earth friendly.

Recently, In the Light Urns has introduced an extensive collection of burial urns that are the perfect solution for scattering and cremation burial ceremonies. This collection includes several urns that are made for "shared scattering", which simply means splitting the cremains so that more than one person can participate in the scattering experience. There are also numerous other urns of various shapes and themes available.

According to Susan Fraser, executive director of ILU, the goal was to make the new line of urns available not only biodegradable, but beautiful and unique as well. She stated that since families have so many different style preferences and budgets, the company wants to offer the largest selection of urns available, along with exceptional customer service and affordable prices.

The Peaceful Pillow water biodegradable urn, one of In the Light Urns star biodegradable urns, recently earned a green thumbs-up from the Green Burial Council's eco-certification program. This was the first honor of this kind in the industry. Joe Sehee, executive director of the Green Burial Council, stated "We are pleased to have certified In the Light Urns' Peaceful Pillow burial urns as an approved green urn."

Wrapped in a hemp cord so that contents are secure, the Peaceful Pillow is made of 100% biodegradable materials, and can be used for both land and water burials. It can also be used for scattering, and is suitable for traveling to the desired location for scattering or burial due to the sturdy and durable construction. Included in the package is a corn starch water soluble-bag for the cremated remains. The Peaceful Pillow urn is accented with beautiful real leaves and flower petals, and is available in three sizes. It peacefully slips under water in just a few minutes.

Funeral homes and crematoriums may find the Peaceful Pillow line available exclusively through United Priority Distributors.


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