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Memorial funeral cards are a lasting and meaningful tribute to a loved one who has passed, and are a perfect keepsake for those who attend visitations, funerals and memorial services. At In the Light Urns, our memorial funeral and prayer cards are exquisite, and can be personalized especially for your beloved with bible verses, poems, and sentiments. They can also hold an image of the loved one you miss so much, along with name, and date of birth and death.

Any time you lose a loved one, whether it is expected or happens in an instant, it is devastating. You feel as if a little piece of your heart is missing. Memorial funeral cards help you and any friends or family members keep a small remembrance of your loved one. They are also perfect for sending to anyone who was close to the deceased, but unable to attend services.

Many times, you are so bereaved that handling details seems like a monumental task. There are always those special people that go beyond the call of duty to assist you in any way possible. Memorial funeral and prayer cards are a good way to let those caring, special people in your life know that you appreciate all they have done during your grief and loss. Often, these people have prepared meals or perhaps donated their time or money in some other way. Show them your gratitude with memorial funeral cards. They will have a keepsake with special meaning.

At In the Light Urns, we offer a beautiful selection in many styles to suit your tastes. Whether your loved one was a true nature buff, loved leaves, waterfalls or running through a field full of natures flowers, our memorial prayer funeral cards offer you exceptional quality at affordable prices. On the back of the card, choose from 44 memorial verses, some of which include 'I Didn't Get a Chance to Say Goodbye', 'Don't Mourn for Me', the 23rd Psalm and Footprints. Your selection can be personalized to suit the special personality and uniqueness your loved one represented during their life on this earth.

When a loved one leaves this world, it is the most grievous and numbing time of your life. Making arrangements is often hard; you are terribly shaken, and often experience trauma. We want to make this time easier for you, so that decisions aren't yet another burden on your heart. At In the Light Urns, our memorial prayer funeral cards offer you exquisite quality keepsakes that will remind you often of that special soul who touched your life. As time goes by, you will enjoy those special memories..


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