Memorializing a Catholic Friend

Recently a friend of mine passed away, and we offered her son a cremation urn. It was a perfect white marble vase style urn, and exactly what this woman reflected to us. Many people touched the urn and had a special connection to her through it. She was a good woman, good friend, and a knowledgeable and active member of our mountain side community. I will miss our walks in the morning with my dogs.

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We were glad to memorialize our friend through the urn we choose. Cremation urns provide the special opportunity to give a loved one a special resting place just as unique as they were in life.

A wide selection can make it easier to choose just the right cremation urn to properly memorialize a loved one for eternity. In this case for us, our friend was Catholic and her urn was buried next to her husband in our town's little cemetery. Her dog's cremains, who passed just a few months ago, will soon be scattered over the area where she is buried. Remember, all urns can be buried. In some instances the cemetery may require a vault to protect the earth from sinking. And of course, cremains are non-toxic and will not hurt the environment.

Cremation in the Catholic religion has received much debate. Read more about Catholic Cremation on our blog. This article provides great information that will help people of the Catholic faith to decided if cremation is right for themselves or their loved one.

Other Internment Choices

Cemeteries often offer columbarium niches, which would be an excellent place for your loved one's unique cremation urn, in a cool dry place. Some prefer to keep the memorial of their loved one at home. Choices for this range from the need to keep a loved one close, or until a spouse passes, even sometimes in the case of a child, until the parents pass.

If you are looking to keep your urn outdoors, in a garden setting. Cremation Urns such as stone, brass, marble, bronze, or other metal cremation urns require less maintenance, and look absolutely stunning reflecting the sun, just as your loved one brought joy to you.

Keepsake Jewelry

Some prefer to keep their loved ones closest to their heart, with keepsakes made to compliment the cremation urn. Cremation Jewelry are an excellent choice for this purpose. Our jewelry line has about 140 choices, so we provide virtually unlimited versatility for creating a unique and lasting loving memorial.

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