Music Cremation Urns

The Forever Music Urn© Series are noted for their flat black finish which shows off our drums, brass and woodwind instruments beautifully, as well as our string and other miniatures. These miniature instruments and urns offer a wonderful way to express the love of music that your loved one had. Our miniature instruments include the electric guitar, Dobro resonator, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, as well as the Oboe, Violin, Bass instruments, Sax, Tuba, Piano, Flute and more. Each are flawless and detailed, which shows in the appreciation through our customer reviews.

The Forever Music Urn© Series are popular with those people who learned and played an instruments as well as those who had a passion for the music that it made.

Maybe playing the instrument was not what was important to your loved one, but it was the music they made. We all appreciate music in one form or another, and these urns represent all styles of music. Let us know if there is something special that you would like for your loved.