Organ Donation and Cremation

Here are some Questions and Answers about Organ Donation

How do I let people know I am interested in organ donation?

The back of your drivers license has the required information. This is a good place to start, but be sure to tell family members and your doctor, of your interest in organ donation.

Who decides which organs will be harvested?

Several factors come into play; such as the tissue and blood type you have, body size and the degree of illness at the time of passing, as well as the recipient need at the time of death.

Is there any cost or payment for organ donation?

No, there is no cost and no payment for donation.

Will life saving decisions is altered based on the fact that I am an organ donor?

No, after all normal life savings attempts have been taken to save your life, the donation process starts. One has no effect on the other.

Will my choice of organ donation have any effect on my funeral plans?

No, you can have a viewing, funeral service and normal burial, or cremation without having to make any changes because of your choice to organ donate. If this is your choice, it is a good one. You will no doubt, help a fellow human being because of your unselfish decision to donate.

More Organ Donation Information

You may have some concerns and questions about donating your organs. At this time, all 50 states have an option when you get a new driver's license or renew your license that allows you to participate as an organ donor by, simply, answering "Yes" when asked.

In addition, letting family members and your primary care physician know of your wishes is a logical step to join in as an organ donor.

You may, also, be wondering who decides which organs will be used, if that time comes. There are a number of factors. For example, what your tissue and blood type are, your body size and your degree of health at the time of your passing are all determining factors. In addition, what the recipient needs are when your organs are available to be donated dictate if your organ donation will be activated.

Since there's no cost to participate as an organ donor and no payments are made for donated organs, considering to become an organ donor is as easy as renewing your driver's license.

No life-saving decisions will be changed simply because you're an organ donor. All attempts to save you will be taken before the donation process is started. Your decision to be an organ donor will not affect any aspect of saving your life before your donation saves another life.

Finally, no matter what plans you've made for your funeral – viewing, service and normal burial or cremation – those plans can be carried out without any concerns when you decide to become an organ donor.

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