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The Peaceful Pillow® Navy Dolphin Water Burial Urns are a Bio Water or Ground Burial Urn, and is 100% Biodegradable Ideal for water or land burials. Accented with hand made paper, each urn is a "green" urn and can be used as a water or earth burial urn. These urns make a burial on water an event and are a unique way to accept and express with pride the life of your loved one.

Size & Measurements:


Shared Urn measures: 8" x 5" x 2", 30 cubic inches, for splitting ashes 29.95 - engraved 39.95
Adult Urn measures: 17" x 12" x 3", 240 cubic inches, for any adult 89.95 - engraved 109.95

These sturdy and easy to use urns are 100% biodegradable and water friendly for ocean, lake or wide river. They can be placed directly into water and will slip under the water within minutes. Times will vary, our video below shows 5lbs of cremains, an average sized adult, took approximately 3 minutes. Taller loved ones, since they are larger boned may slip under more quickly.

Each urn has a hemp closure, the Adult Urn and Mini Urn each have one biodegradable bag. Full instructions are included.

Engraving Details:

You might like to personalize the Peaceful Pillow® for your loved one. We can engrave a name, dates or sentiment right into the petal urn paper. Each custom bio urn has the option of two lines for the Mini Urn and for the Adult Urn. Here are some examples:

In Loving Memory
Michael Layton


Michelle Layton
Forever Loved

Ideal travel urn to your destination. We include a Travel Tote Bag to easily carry your urn through TSA security at the airport. Travel on cruise ships is common. These urns are so sturdy, that our customers have reported that they have tossed them into ocean waters from their cruise ship without a problem. But, once slipped under the water, the urns come apart quickly to release the ashes.

Our Biodegradable Promise Post Card is Included - Present to Cruse Line or Ship Captain if you are asked if the Peaceful Pillow® Urn is biodegradable.

Additional Features:

*Made in USA
*Perfect for Travel
*TSA Approved Materials

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