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The Pizza Box Cremation Urn is a beautifully handmade urn, in the USA. Made of fine poplar, hand painted and laser engraved. The pizza box urn makes a perfect memorial to your loved one who enjoyed this very popular American food. It is the good memories that can often be remembered with the right urn.

We have been honored by Ripley's Believe it or Not! in July of 2016 for our pizza box urn. You will see that we used Mr. Ripley's full name and actual dates for our sample. The Ripley's team choose to say this about the urn:

"When a loves one bites the crust, may they rest in pizza. In The Light Urns from Three Rivers, California provides one of the most creative urns on the market - a pizza box!"

Size & Measurements:

This urn measures 12" wide x 12" deep and 3" tall. The urn is large enough for any adult or child. Options include a personalized image, as shown. This urn is bottom loading with a wood closure and screws to secure the base.

Engraving Details:

Personalized engraving is included. With up to 5 lines of engraving. Here is an example of what we can engrave:

LeRoy Robert Ripley
December 25, 1890 - May 27, 1949
Home Delivery or Take-Out

Additional Features:

*Hand Crafted
*Serving since 2001
*Professional Engraving

Thank you!

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My husband's urn is very nice, thank you for making such an awesome urn and your engraving was perfect.

Blessing to you!

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 18:01

Thank you.

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I wanted to reach out to your company about how you all made a terrible moment in my
life a bit more tolerable with both your customer service and the very products you sell.
My name is Brad Hamerly and my Brother passed away extremely unexpectedly. He
passed away on a Friday, that Monday my Mother and I had to go to the funeral home
and make the final arrangements for my brother. We knew we were getting him
cremated, but the rest of the stuff we had to make decisions on.

One of those things was the Urn Wes (My brother) was going to put in. We had decided
that we were going to get smaller Urns so that the 4 people closest to him (Myself, My
Mother, My Father and his Best Friend) could always have him with them.
My mother was looking at the Tear Drop mini urns, she had one of these for her Father
and they seemed to be the go to Mini urn.

For me, I needed something that I could look at and not feel any sadness. Wes
absolutely LOVED Pizza... more than any fat kid you have ever met in your life! And I
told my mother that I wanted to search the internet and try and find a Pizza Urn to have
his ashes put in.

When I searched, I found this amazing Pizza Box. it was perfect in every way, it was
funny, it was original and most importantly, it truly did represent WHO my brother was.
This is what he would have picked if he could have picked anything! Only problem was,
this Urn only came in a full size, we needed four Mini Ones.

I wanted to say first and foremost THANK YOU! To everyone working there who helped
with this order (and to everyone else who works there who Iʼm sure does amazing work)
You didnʼt simply tell us “Well, this is what we have, Iʼm sorry.” That would have been
absolutely devastating if we could not have gotten this specific Urn. You worked with us
and created the exact thing we wanted, never once coming across like we were asking
too much of you. It is extremely rare in todayʼs world to find a business that TRULY is
about helping the customer and your company was nothing short of perfect!

But the bigger reason I wanted to reach out with this letter is this: As you can imagine,
that first 2 weeks, it is a giant blur, it was 2 weeks of basically no laughter or smiles, and
I am a person who loves to do both! But when we were dealing with your company, and
when my mother and I would talk about this Pizza Box Urn, it TRULY brought smiles to
our faces. Thinking about how much Wes would have LOVED this! His ashes forever
enshrined in a Pizza Box! We were so happy with this concept that my mom even
decided this is what SHE wanted as well. A tear drop, when you look at it, would
produce just that, Tear Drops! But this Pizza Box, it brought a smile to our faces just
thinking about it.

Your Pizza Box Urn really did save us those first 2 weeks, instead of having 24 hours of
pure sadness, we would think about this Pizza Box for moments of levity.
Then the boxes arrived, and they were everything we could have hoped for and so
much more! The picture we sent you of my brother looked amazing on the top of the
box, the phrase that is forever etched in my memory “Oh you got pizza, I Like Pizza”
was now forever etched on to this Urn (The story behind that phrase is: I had Pizza in
the kitchen one night, Wes came home and went into the kitchen, to be funny, Wes
would sometimes talk in a childʼs tone just to make me laugh, so when he saw the pizza
he immediately said “Oh you got pizza... I like Pizza!” and in that child like voice it just
made me die laughing!)

When I brought these 4 Urns to the funeral home to get his ashes put inside, I dropped
them off in the morning. When I returned after work to pick them up, the receptionist
was up front and she said to me “Matt (the mortician) actually brought these Urns out
and showed everyone them, he never does that!”

My brother LOVED to be the center of attention, and with these AMAZING and Unique
Pizza Box Urns, he will continue to be the Center of Attention forever!

I can not thank your company enough for this, not just for being an amazing company
who truly is there to help the customer (and in your business, you are helping the
customer in what may very well be the worst time of their lives) But also for having
something unique and original that allows people like My brother to still have their
personalities shine even after they have passed on.

Please feel free to pass this letter to your entire staff and in all honesty, if any part of this
letter would be good for your advertising, you have my full support to use it!

Thank You

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 18:50

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