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The Plum Hearts of Love Scattering or Burial Urn are hand made mulberry paper urns. Each urn have a heart shape of handmade ivory roses on top. They come in three sizes: Keepsake or Shared, Adult and Companion for two people.

The Plum Hearts of Love Scattering or Burial Urn can be used for either a scattering of the ashes, in which case you can keep the ashes in the plastic bag that they are in now, place in the urn, and easily travel. You can choose a water or earth burial with this urn, a biodegradable bag is included, just transfer the ashes from the plastic bag to the bio bag and earth bury. You may want to use a white glue around the top edge and push the cover on for water burials. This way, the cover will not come off until the urn is well into the water, then all with come apart to disperse the ashes.

Another choice is to keep the urn at home, forever if you like. The Plum Hearts of Love Urns are beautiful and will stay as is, forever. If this is your choice, use the plastic bag, the ashes came in, as the bio bag will break down over time, as this is it's purpose. These urns are ideal for traveling, scattering and green burial. Included is the urn you choose, a biodegradable bag, and a Travel Tote Bag for easy passage through TSA, at the airport, or to go anywhere you like.

Size & Measurements:

The Plum Hearts of Love Scattering or Burial Urn comes in three sizes:

Keepsake size is for sharing or splitting ashes and can hold up to approximately 1/4 of an adult.
Adult Size is for any sized adult.
Companion Size is for two people and two bio bags will be included.

Additional Features:

*TSA Approved Materials
*100% Biodegradable
*Free Travel Tote

Very Happy!

Tanya K.
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This company shipped quickly and we used this urn and laid Mom to rest in a green burial location. I cannot tell you, this was what she wanted and it was beautiful, she was right.

Thank you,

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 04:57

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