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Adult Urn measures 12" x 8" and 200 cubic inches
Keepsake measures 3 1/2" and 4 cubic inches
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The Seashell Natural Sand Art Urns are beautifully made sculptures by French Canadians at Artisans du Sable. This smooth sand sculptured urn is made on a small North Atlantic Island and has been named "Oceana" by the artists. Each urn or keepsake captures the bounty of our oceans in a variety of seashells. And of course, memories of walking on the beach and find that special treasure to take home. A small vail of sand is include from the beach where these urns are made.

An elegant choice for home display, earth or deep water burial. This urn will not breakdown over time at home. If you are placing it in the ocean, use a green glue to keep the top in place. Some time after entering the water and settling on the bottom of the ocean, the top will become dislodged and the cremains of your loved one will mingle with the deep sea. Within a couple of days, the urn will start to have crustaceans attach and small fish or other sea creatures will find the urn a safe haven. The urn will be a part of the ocean floor and your loved one will be part of a great ocean.

A silicone adhesive is included with each adult urn, and can be used if you choose to permanently seal the urn. This urn can be earth buried as well.

Size & Measurements:

The adult urn measures 12" tall x 8" wide and will hold 200 cubic inches of cremains. The keepsake is 4 1/2" tall and will hold 4 cubic inches.

Additional Features:

*Crafted in North America
*Exclusive Art Urn
*Silicone Adhesive Included

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