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Adult measures 9" x 6" and 225 cubic inches
Youth measures 5" x 4" and 60 cubic inches
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Adult: $85.95
Youth: $45.95
A scattering is an event and a unique way to accept and express a loved one's passing. The Winter Fern Urns are a simply elegant and beautiful way to have a memorial scattering of your loved one's cremains. Each of the Winter Fern Urns have life like natural images laser printed over beautifully textured rice paper. The designs are sealed and protected with an acrylic medium which give the urn a texture finish. These sturdy urns are not only perfect for scattering of a loved one's cremains, but they are travel friendly, and TSA approved.

Each urn is made and created in the USA. A corn starch water soluble bag is included, as well as a sturdy white cap for travel to your scattering destination. You may decide to bury a portion of cremains and the biodegradable corn starch bag can be used for this purpose.

Size & Measurements:

Many families split cremains or more than one person would like the experience of scattering, and so the Youth/Shared urn can be used for splitting cremains. The Youth size will accommodate a child's up to 60 pounds or 60 cubic inches, the Adult size is 225 cubic inches.

Additional Features:

*Made in the USA
*TSA Approved Materials
*Caring Professional Service

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