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Welcome to! Since 2001, we have been helping families to identify and purchase cremation urns, cremation jewelry, keepsakes and memorial products. People from countries all over the world order from our location in Visalia, CA due to our steadfast commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We take care from the moment visitors arrive at our site, until they receive their orders from us. We take pride in being a guiding light to families wandering through the fog of grief, through our caring staff’s approachable demeanor and attention to customer needs. Don’t take our word for it. Let our hundreds of gratified customers show you how we have assisted them in making a difficult task worry-free.

In The Light Urns: Traditional, Unusual and Custom Cremation Urns
Cremation is now the standard choice in the United States for people to handle their remains after they pass. In some parts of the country and elsewhere in the world, cremation has represented the majority for many years. Although families have almost unlimited choices in the way that cremated remains may be scattered or buried, most people find themselves in need of an urn. Cremation urns serve a vital purpose as part of the memorial service, as well as an appropriate container in which to keep the ashes until the time of their final rest.

At In The Light Urns, we make urns for ashes to suit the wishes of the family, and what they choose for the cremains’ final resting place. Many of our customers choose urns made of brass, pewter, wood or stone. These materials are hardy and appropriate for placement outside in nearly all kinds of weather.

We recognize that some of our customers want urns that are appropriate for burial at sea. We offer a wide selection of biodegradable or natural urns that may be placed in water. Some are made out of a special paper and will float on the water for a few minutes before they dissolve. Others will sink immediately and keep the person’s remains safely in the water for eternity.

Although the form of many of our urns follows their natural function, we also design and build custom urns to suit whatever shape or style our customers prefer. Sometimes, we take a customer’s memory of a particular piece of art they have seen, and create a small replica in which ashes could be kept.

We know that, for some, a final goodbye may need to be as devoted to beauty as it could be spent in somber reflection. In our efforts to give people exactly what they want, we have created unusual urns that could be worn as jewelry or even Christmas ornaments. To fulfill our aim to simplify the process of creating a memorial, we also customize memorial products, including funeral cards, guest books, memorial buttons and bookmarks.

Some of our customers visit our site in search for urns to suit an unconventional purpose. Those we love are not always human, and pets deserve a lovely resting place as well. Losing a pet may be as difficult as losing any other close friend. To accommodate our customers’ desires to care for their pets’ earthly remains, we offer a variety of urns and keepsakes that may be appropriate for pets as well as people. When Stacy H. ordered cremation jewelry for her beloved cat, she wrote, “I will keep her now close to my heart. She was my best friend and my baby.”

“Upon opening it we were awestruck at how much prettier it is than the picture shows. … We are more than completely happy with our purchase and most importantly with the service we experienced.”

-- Teresa M.

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What Customers Say About In The Light Urns
When we read the In The Light Urns reviews our customers provide about their purchases, one word that comes up frequently is “Love.” Natasha W., writing about pieces of cremation jewelry she received, said, “We loved our necklaces.” Love is what creates grief when a person leaves us, and we understand it all too well. For years, we at In The Light Urns have spent our time and creative efforts to provide containers in which people may carry even a small portion of their love and memories, when the person who once held them is no longer here.

We have worked for nearly two decades building a business that serves people in pain. We know that an urn or keepsake is more than just a gift or a home decoration. It is an heirloom–the last gift a person may purchase for a loved one–and it holds the most precious cargo. This understanding guides our every step, and it shows. A review from Linda J. notes, “I received my order and it filled my heart with joy from the care taken to preserve my memories.”

Most people go through the grieving process more than once in their lives, and we are happy to see that some of our customers return to us again and again for our lovely lines of urns and cremation jewelry. In a review of In The Light Urns, Kimberly W. wrote, “Just recently we purchased another urn and a pendant for our Grandmother's remains. Even though both items were purchased separately, the items were delivered faster than we expected.”

Our customers speak to us of the relief they experience when they open up their packages and see that it is exactly what they hoped for. Leslie W. requested an urn for her son, and wrote, “It looks beautiful and has made this tragedy a little easier now that his ashes here on earth is in a place that represents him, our little angel.” Every time we can see how our work has made someone’s hard road just a little softer, we are reminded of the way that we began.

In The Light Urns’ Beginning
In The Light Urns came out of a tragedy that strikes far too many people. Susan and Rick Fraser were devastated by the unexpected death of their eldest son on Mother’s Day in 1995. Wracked with grief and with no chance to prepare, they quickly realized how little was available to help families through this process. Although cremation was gaining greater acceptability nationwide, it was not a simple task to locate all the information they needed to provide this final gift to their son.

Susan decided that she could not leave other families to the same fate, when she had resources they could share. In The Light Urns, founded by Susan Fraser, emerged from her family’s loss as a haven for people struggling with grief, who want to find the perfect sendoff for their loved ones. The name, In The Light Urns, denotes the hope that we all on Earth have for the path our family members and friends take when they leave mortal life.

We believe that the nature of our origin helps to center our goals as a business. Every moment, we are working to research and consider the needs of the millions of families who find themselves walking down the same path each year. In our 16 years of business, we have learned and grown to accommodate our customers’ needs in their darkest hour. By never losing sight of the reason for our commitment, we have become the largest online urn company in America.

Innovation Makes In The Light Urns the Best Choice
Manufacturing of many things in the modern world is moving into new arenas. Companies must move ahead or be left behind. Rather than hesitate, In The Light Urns has blazed a trail that allows us to do more for our customers. Since our beginning, we have been continually seeking to find the most innovative products, materials and methods to ensure that we offer the latest in cremation urns.

Nowhere has this created more of an advantage for our customers than in the area of additive manufacturing, commonly called “3D printing.” Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the manufacturing world. We knew that making this technology accessible in our business would allow us new ways to make truly custom cremation urns. Since we got on board years ago, we have brought most of our manufacturing in-house. This early investment rewarded our customers with more options to choose from. Since we do not have to wait for products to be shipped from overseas, our clients also gained a notably faster turnaround in the creation, shipping and receipt of their purchases.

Diane W. wrote an inthelighturns review about the prompt attention she received on her custom urn. “They guided me through the order by phone and taking my timeline into consideration. They followed up with an engraving mock up in less than 8 hours of the order and had it shipped the same day.”

Many of our customers delight in having a custom urn with a picture. For some of our customers, placing a picture inside the urn was not enough to suit their vision. To meet their needs, we expanded our services to include UV printing options. With this technology, customers could have a picture printed directly onto an urn or cremation jewelry in almost any material. We have mastered the technology such that we can also print a picture or image in relief that presents a beautifully accurate likeness, even in full-color.

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Ordering from In The Light Urns
Keeping our special attention to each individual customer requires a balance of care and efficiency. People have become accustomed to online commerce working much the way it does for large corporations like Amazon. They often expect to receive their orders within just a few days, with products that are much like anything else they see. They may think that they cannot get anything better. We know that our customers come to us with ideas, hopes and true needs. We aim to make the buying process as simple as possible, and as responsive as our customers demand.

Buying products online can feel a little impersonal, so we work to personalize our services to fit each person who comes to our site. Customers who see exactly what they want in one of our products may select the item, add a few lines of personal engraving, and rely on us to produce it and ship very quickly. We are always happy to take calls with questions about existing orders, or about ideas for a custom urn. In one of our many reviews of In The Light Urns, Barb wrote, “You made choosing my daughters urn simple and efficient, and were respectful during the process. Thank you for making this horrific time less painful.”

We know that everyone who talks to us is grieving over the loss of a loved one, and we respond accordingly. Our goal is to provide the kind of custom urn that turns a dream into reality. With that in mind, we maintain frequent contact with customers concerning the status of their requests. We often send proofs for approval before we ship, working hard to attend to the time-sensitive nature of our work.

If any of our customers are ever unsatisfied with a product from In The Light Urns, we offer ways to set the problem right. When Duane D. received an order missing a feature, he was pleased by our response. He said, “I received the urns without any engraving, and after I called them and told them, I received medallions in 2 days just as they promised.”

This personal attention we offer to our customers is what sets us apart from a standard online ordering system. We try to fix most problems with our cremation urns and keepsakes, even if the issue arises of no fault of our own. Audrey D. was devastated when she lost a part of the cremation jewelry she ordered from In The Light Urns. In her review, she wrote, “I called the next morning and spoke with a very nice lady, I in tears explaining what happened. OMG she was so empathetic, offered to send a new one identical to the one I lost immediately, and sent me an email with tracking link within a few hours of my call.”

“It is the most beautiful urn that I have seen in some time. It was packaged with care and arrived within a few days.”

--Steve S.

Staying Relevant in a Changing Online Commerce World
The modern world moves quickly and demands efficiency. At In The Light Urns, we move along with our customers’ expectations. We know that they want a wonderful product, but many simply cannot wait weeks or months for a custom cremation urn to arrive. We want to maintain our position as the largest online retailer for cremation urns, with quick shipping, prompt attention to orders and the best quality our customers can find. In most cases, we are able to ship the next day after the order is placed, even for urns that come with customization.

Buying online requires a little trust in the company itself, and we are delighted to see that our customers are glad that they put their faith in us. Alexandria V. wrote, in her review of In The Light Urns, that she “Was skeptical about ordering an urn from here since I had never heard of this site, but I’m glad I did.” She was pleased with the high quality of her order, as well as the timing of its arrival.

As demand for our business has grown, we have expanded our shipping services outside our location in the United States. In many cases, ordering our products from outside the U.S. does not have to mean a longer wait. In an inthelighturns review, Rick C. wrote, “We had an Urn customized for our needs and this was completed very quickly. It was shipped to us in Canada in only 2 days.”

Our customers frequently tell us that we are the only place they could find the cremation urn they were really hoping to discover. Ordering from the United Kingdom, Hazel F. wrote of her pleasant experience. She said, “The urn was delivered to my home on the 21st August 2017 and my husband is now home with me. The workmanship on the urn was excellent and I cannot thank Krystal, Amber and all the staff enough for their help, support and assistance.”

We Can Make the Perfect Urn, Even If We Have to Build It from Scratch
For centuries, people who were cremated had their ashes placed in an urn made out of wood, metal or stone. This is a choice made largely out of expediency over what was available at the time, for those who preferred internment over committal to the earth, water or air. In our extensive research concerning the history of cremation, we have come to understand that people choose the vessels that are available to them. Although there will always be people who opt for the traditional approach, many people delight at the myriad alternatives that we provide.

The final disposition of a person’s remains is, barring certain legal restrictions, virtually unlimited in its ability. Unlike a body, ashes do not decompose, so they can be kept in almost any container, unbound by size, shape or material. Over the years, we have invested a great deal of time into thinking outside the box, to show our customers what we can really do.

At times, our commitment to the perfect urn brings us national acclaim, as we received when the family of renowned baseball legend Yogi Berra chose one of our urns for his cremated remains. The wood urn serves as a pedestal for a bronze mitt that may hold a baseball or softball, and we believe it is the perfectly fitting tribute for such a man.

Of course, we greatly welcome the ideas and input from our customers, who often help us to better understand the vision they have for their loved ones. One of our customers had the ingenious idea to create an urn to look like a pizza box, and we were happily able to make it happen.

Why Reviews of InTheLightUrns Are Important to Us
In an industry like ours, where so much of the final product lies in the service that occurs during the process, reviews are the last and, often, the most important step. We strive for our customers to know that we have gone to the extent of our knowledge, experience and abilities to provide them with precisely the cremation urn they have been imagining. We delight to hear that a person who ordered from us was pleased with their purchase, and that our work has managed to relieve a little of their stress at this difficult time. Franklin T. said, “I cannot recommend and more how wonderful this whole experience has been despite the personal circumstances of losing a spouse. It has been one less worry for me.”

In The Light Urns Reviews also let us know how well we are achieving our goals to give a quality product at a good value. When we hear from several customers about a particular concern, we can address it directly. If it is necessary, we will change our processes to make ordering, communicating with us or receiving products from our site easier.

How In The Light Urns Reviews Help Improve Our Business
Any business that bases itself in the care of others during a dark period in their lives needs care at every stage of planning. At In The Light Urns, we recognize that our customers are under a tremendous amount of stress. They may feel rushed to receive an urn in time for a prompt memorial. They could be stricken with grief over an unexpected death, and be unprepared to handle such a tremendous task while they mourn the closure they never had. We hire and train our employees in the considerate, compassionate service they provide for our customers.

Our goal is to be understanding, and to accomplish as much as we can behind the scenes, so our customers have more time to attend to other things they need. Over the years, we have simplified the ordering process so that customers who want to keep their interactions quick can order an appropriate cremation urn with engraving, and receive it without complication. We instituted a live chat feature to make it easier for site visitors to get answers to questions about our products. Michelle C. wrote, “The customer service was wonderful and understanding and very helpful with placing my order.”

As we have grown, we have learned that communication is the best way to ensure that our customers get exactly what they have in mind. Sometimes, this means that we will provide multiple drafts of the design before we start to work, so that we know the customer is already pleased with our direction. And once we get that approval, we can better deliver the ideal product. In her review of, Deedra G. wrote, “The service was great; they provided me with a draft of the product before actually making it. Everything came exactly as described.”

Cremation Gold Jewelry Sale

Customer reviews help to guide our product lines, as well. Although most of our urns hold ashes in an opaque container, our Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake Urns offer a little whimsy in a timeless design. In the years since we introduced these keepsake urns, we have expanded this product line to suit customer requests. We now offer the hourglass shape in three different sizes. We also created delicate hourglass pendant urns that could be worn as jewelry.

Ultimately, we hope that we can produce a wonderful result that will dissipate just a little of the vast burden families have to carry at this time. Victoria T. wrote, “I was a little impatient, but what mother isn’t who is cremating her child... The urn was so beautiful and the graving on it was perfect size, and centered.”

Helpful Resources from In The Light Urns

In our work to give a valuable service to our customers, we have branched out beyond our primary business model to become a one-stop shop of information about cremation, as well as the products people might need for a memorial they are planning. When people visit our website at, they can browse through information about our company and advice about handling cremated remains. We happily make recommendations about the transportation of ashes by car, boat or plane. Our site serves as a repository for light or lengthy reading about the history of cremation and the internment of ashes.

We continually endeavor to establish our company as a notable authority on subjects important to people who have planned for cremation. In 2015, In The Light Urns founder Susan Fraser teamed with well-known death educator Gail Rubin to publish, “Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates, and Tips. This book, available in print and as an eBook, walks readers through the different ways ashes may be committed, and makes planning a cremation ceremony a much simpler task.

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Thank you for visiting In The Light Urns Inc reviews! We hope that we show how we set our company apart from the competition, with ease of ordering, compassionate customer service and a commitment to quick receipt of a beautiful product. We know that we cannot lessen your feeling of loss, but we can make the process of purchasing an urn and planning a memorial less stressful. If you have feedback you would like to share with us, call us at (800) 757-3488or email Let us know how we can improve your experience!

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We offer top notch customer service and product selection. Read what our customers have reviewed about In The Light Urns. Contact us: (800) 757-3488or email

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Product: Angel Winged Kitty Urn - White

From: Alicia Amborn

Review: I was so pleased with this product. This was so nice to order this beautiful urn and it was here with in 3 days. I was very pleased with the product too.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Wooden Keepsake Urns

From: Misty Smith

Review: Just a note, to say thank you for making a hard choice easy... I'm all too happy with the Urn I received. Thank You, Misty

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Forever Loved Urn

From: Teresa Miller

Review: It's really too bad that we can't rate this urn as excellent. We have just received our package. Upon opening it we were ahstruck at how much prettier it is than the picture shows. There is glitter on the wings that the picture doesn't show, but we absolutely loved finding. We are more than completely happy with our purchase and most importantly with the service we experienced. You representative was very helpful and understanding.
Thank you,
Teresa & Pam

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Dark Wood Necklace Urn Keepsake

From: Shari Brackin

Review: like the idea, od urn necklaces just 1 unfavorable comment and that they should be made with a loop to wear a chain on them

Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] ****

Product: Cat & Stars Keepsake Urn

From: Barbara Tighe

Review: I have just received the cat and starts keepsake. I was so surprised!! and pleased!! the keepsake is downright beautiful. I received it in a timely manner, packaged well, and is beyond my expectations. thank you, barbara

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Classic Wood Necklace Urn Keepsake

From: Pamela Bonkoski

Review: super fast shipping! I really like the wood, it is beautiful. My family thinks I am strange for wanting to wear my furbabies around my neck(i mixed all the ashes in one large urn first), it makes me feel good to have them close to me.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Tear Drop Keepsake Urn

From: Lisa Palamenti

Review: What a great way to keep someone close to you forever. This is one of three that I have on a chain and I like this one the best. I purchased one for myself and a second to give away.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Violet Embers Keepsake Urn

From: Leigh Savedra

Review: This is so very beautiful. A little bigger and heavier than I thought. But it is so gorgeous that it doesn't matter. The artist does an incredible job on this. Thank you for offering it. I give it a 5 star plus rating.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Rainbow Bridge Urn

From: Leigh Savedra

Review: This Urn is absolutely beautiful. I feel my kitty is close and that he would approve of where he rests. I completely recommend this Urn. The poem is beautiful and very serene. Thank you for providing it for purchase. A rating of good doesn't do it justice. 5 stars all the way

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

Product: Black Zebra Marble Rectangle Urn - Motorcycle Angel

From: Robert Morris

Review: Thank you so much. Never in my or my mother's days of dealing with
retail have we ever dealt with a company so competent. Seconds after
the order was placed I noted that we did not provide any information
for a name plaque and began writing so in your "contact us" area. As I was typing a representative from your company called to get that
information. I was dumbfounded and highly impressed. When my mother
passes, your company will be the one I go through as will I when it comes time for me to write my will. VERY Impressed.

Thank you once again.

Robert Morris IV

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] *****

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