Rosary Keepsake Urns

Rosary Keepsakes Urns

At In the Light Urns, we realize that the death of a loved one is perhaps the most difficult time of life. While we all know that every person will eventually pass this life, it is still a very sad and disheartening time. The Rosary Keepsake Urns we offer are exquisitely designed and of the best quality. They are also very affordable, which is a concern to many during these difficult economic times.

There has been much debate over the years about Catholicism and cremation. While the church requires that all cremains be buried in consecrated ground, Rosary Cremation Urn Pendants and Keepsakes are the perfect way to memorialize your loved one who has departed this life. When you choose an intricately designed piece of jewelry, you can either place cremains inside and pray the rosary at mass, afterwards placing the rosary in the urn to be interred, or you may choose to place a lock of hair or other memento inside so that you can keep the rosary as a reminder of the one you loved so much. Wearing the jewelry yourself helps you stay close to your beloved family member or special friend both in spirit and soul.

Rosary keepsake jewelry is not only beautiful, they are made with the best quality beads you will ever see, and the workmanship is outstanding. Prayer cards are included, as well as a plush gift box.

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