Scattering or Burial Urn Purple Peony Cherish


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Scatter or Earth Burial Urn
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The Scattering or Burial Urn ~ Purple Peony Cherish can be used for either a scattering or burial urn. The tan band, leaves and purple flower matchs the tan and black urn beautifully. A very beautiful combination. These urns are ideal for traveling, scattering or green burial. Included is a biodegradable bag and a snug plastic cap cover keeps the ashes secure, with a Travel Tote is include for easy through TSA at the airport.

These urns are ideal for keeping at home, traveling, or scattering or burial on water or land.

Size & Measurements:

Each urn is sized for an adult and measures 6 1/2" x 7" x 7 1/4".

Additional Features:

*TSA Approved Materials
*100% Biodegradable
*Free Travel Tote

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