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Sports & Spirits Cremation Urns

Keep The Memory® Keepsakes & KeyChains

All Keep The Memory™ Urns have a matching Keepsake and Keychain, so all family and friends can keep the memory close.

Keep The Memory® Urns


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Sports & Leisure Cremation Urns

People worldwide enjoy spending time in their leisure watching or playing sports, spending time with family, going to concerts or listening to music. This section represents these important times in our lives from the Keep The Memory® Urn Series, exclusive at In The Light Urns.


Personalized Keep The Memory Urn

The Keep The Memory® Urn Series offers what is shown, plus customized urns for your loved one. Personal images in a collage, a wedding picture, picture of a favorite car, a beach house, can be used to personalize your loved ones urn. Each beautiful hand crafted wood urn is finished with a warm rose wood finish. Each urn has a beautiful high resolution image covering a range of topics of interest in the life of your loved one. Our professional images include religion, sports, cars, science, old west, space, careers, beach scenes and many more.

We imprint each Keep The Memory® Urn with your loved one's name and dates and we can even add an image, as shown above of your loved one. For example, we can include a car, boat, person, etc. in an oval.

If there is something that you are interested in, and you do not see it, just let us know and we will customize an urn for you.


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