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Pewter Jewelry Urns

Stainless Steel cremation jewelry urns are offered at great prices and can include Love Charms, Birthstones, and chains, with free gift boxes. These pieces include hearts, crosses, infinity symbols, angel wings, and more.


Stainless Steel is becoming very popular memorial jewelry, it looks nice, has a soft shine and lasts forever. We have many keepsake urns in pewter too, which costs a little more. Many people desire a keepsake that is personal, and suited to the interests of the deceased. The artistic pieces of cremation jewelry available today allow you to choose something on a more intimate level that suits the personality or interest of a loved one who has passed. With the many options available to you today in stainless steel cremation jewelry, you are encouraged to find the piece that is perfect to keep the memory close.

Plus we have the Hourglass Pendants, Thumb Print Pendants, Lighthouse Keepsake Urns, and Football & Baseball Jewelry Urns and Bullets. Others include Marijuana Leaf, Peace Symbols, Cylinder Tribal Pendant, lots of Crosses, Shotgun Shells, Fish, and Eagles. We also offer a very affordable Silver and Gold keepsake jewelry urns. See the perfect necklace cremation jewelry piece for your loved one. Thank you for browsing our stainless steel keepsake jewelry.


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