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The loss of a child is tragic, and loss of a parent, grandparent or sibling can be traumatic for a young child. At In the Light Urns, our Teddy Bear Keepsake Cremation Urns help comfort the ones left behind, whether a parent or child. Death is an inevitable part of life, but knowing that does not make it easier when the time comes.

Our Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns give a child something to hold tight to and cuddle when they are sad and missing a departed loved one. There is nothing quite like hugging a teddy bear tight for comfort and a feeling of warmness to help soothe the pain and loss you feel. These cute, precious Teddy Bear Urns will hold all or a portion of the cremains. Losing a baby is especially traumatic, and the healing process is different for every unique individual. We offer products that are not only unique and comforting during a stressful time in your life.

These adorable furry bears come in all sizes and colors, brown, tan, white, pink and blue. His big brown or blue eyes will melt your heart. No one can replace a loved one, especially a baby or child. And to a child a Teddy Bear Urn gives comfort when they are missing a much loved parent or grandparent. They need something to hold, squeeze and help them release their emotions. At In the Light Urns, we realize that this is most likely the most difficult thing you have ever experienced, and we want to help. Our products are designed to last, and are exquisite - all at prices that are within your budget.


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