Companion or Double Urns

Companion urns are for two people and in many cases the urn will be for a married couple. We have found that families would like a larger urn for three people, plus pets and many of our urns at large enough. These urns are called Family Urns. They are in this section and are the vase style brass urns and the Dynasty Urns.

We have a large variety of hand made urns in wood, brass, and ceramic and marble companion urns. Sometimes two people would like to be placed in the same urn together for other reasons, such as a close family connection such as grandparents, siblings, etc. Many of our double or companion urns can be buried, put in a niche, kept at home, or placed in a casket.

Family Urns for 3 or More People

We have 6 urns from our exclusive Memorial Couple Urn© Series that are 640 cubic inches. These are the largest modern brass urns available. Plus the Dynasty Walnut and Cherry Urns are Family Urns as well. A reason that a couple could want to have a larger urn is because they may want to have the urn for themselves, a parent, a child or even for their beloved pets. If you are looking for an urn that you cannot find, please contact, as we make all our own custom urns, thank you.

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