Bucky Moore’s Custom Cremation Urn

Keeps the Memories of a Wonderful Life Alive

The Story of an Incredible Life on the Railroad Culminates in a Beautiful Custom Cremation Urn

Bucky Moore was a life-long railroader and self-described “throttle jockey.” Although now retired from his railroad passion, he still wishes that those wonderful days could have gone on forever. Although he’s not ready to make his final run yet, Bucky wanted to find a special cremation urn that would bring joy to his family by reminding them of his many incredible years riding the rails. After a fruitless internet search for the perfect cremation urn, he finally turned to In The Light Urns™

A Custom-Made Train Urn Memorializes a Very Special Life

Bucky spent his life as a “rail,” traveling through the Midwest to destinations like Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis, and loving every minute of it. Although he had seen some train cremation urns, none of them had the high quality and customization flexibility as what he found with In The Light. We recommended the train urn from our Keep the Memory© line of custom cremation urns for ashes, but Bucky took over after that, like he was back driving the train again. Here is how our founder and CEO, Susan Fraser, describes her delightful encounter with Bucky:

Bucky contacted In The Light one spring afternoon looking for a custom train urn. I mentioned that our Keep the Memory line of custom cremation urns had a lot of options, like nature, sports and military themes, but of course as soon as he heard that we had train cremation urns, he wasn’t interested in anything else!

He loved the quality of our Train Cremation Urn, but had lots of ideas for customization. Once I said that we could include high-definition pictures with full-color printing for a highly personalized urn, his mind started racing. He was thinking about all the aspects of his railroad career that he wanted to highlight. Bucky finally decided on not one, but FOUR, pictures of himself from various points in his railroad career. We were happy to jump in to make something really special.

Of course, when an urn is being made for someone who is alive there is a lot more laughter and light-hearted talk than if someone has just passed. Bucky and I had several conversations, and he kept the ideas coming… “Put my picture in the cab,” “Add my life time affiliations on the bottom right!” and “How About Adding My Motto - ‘Bucky Meant Well,’ too.” So we went on for some time, discussing the options until we felt we had developed the perfect custom cremation urn that truly reflected his life on the rails.

After he received his train urn, Bucky even decided to send us a video of himself talking about his custom cremation urn. We truly appreciated his kindness and thoughtfulness, and hope we are able to bring this level of satisfaction to every customer who contacts us with special requests for their cremation urns.

Bucky Moore is a great man who lived a fascinating life and career on the railroad. In The Light Urns was glad to help him find the perfect final resting place, for when his “glory day” arrives…in a “hundred years or so!”

What Bucky Moore Loved About His Train Cremation Urn from In The Light Urns

Our Keep The Memory urn series is truly unique in its quality and flexibility. Here are just some things Bucky loved about working with In The Light Urns:

  • Wide variety of themes: The main attraction of these urns is the metal plate displayed on the front, with a wide selection of exclusive In The Light themes, or the option to use a custom photo. Although Bucky jumped at the idea of a train urn, we also offer wildlife, nautical, car, motorcycle, truck, Old West, airplane, veteran, sports, outer space, religious, child urns, and more. If we don’t have a theme that matches your passion, let us know and we’ll design something special just for you.

  • Stunning wood features: Each beautiful wood urn is hand-crafted with birch wood and completed with a warm rose wood finish.

  • High-quality photo images: High definition photos stand out with full-color printing on metal photo panels.

  • Personalization: We imprint four lines of text representing your loved one. Usually, we imprint each Keep The Memory© Urn with your loved one's name and dates, but we can even add an image, like we did of Bucky at the controls of his beloved train.

  • Long-lasting: Our custom panels are a durable UV-resistant, scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

  • Free Shipping:All orders in the continental U.S. are shipped free of charge via UPS GROUND or by the USPS.  

  • Lifetime Warranty: In The Light Urns is America's only Lifetime Warranty urn company. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is promised on all urns, keepsakes and jewelry.

Let In The Light Urns Help find the Perfect Custom Cremation Urn for You or Your Loved One”

The unique thing about this project for us was that Bucky was here to help us "pre-plan” his own cremation urn. If you’re worried about leaving a burden on your family, or are thinking about the legacy you want to leave, pre-planning could be the perfect option for you, too. When you contact In The Light Urns one of our Memorial Specialists will take the time to get to know you, ask questions about your life and passions, and help you design the custom cremation urn that is just right for you.

In The Light Urns is constantly working to develop new customization methods that can more perfectly memorialize the incredible lives so many people lead. If you don’t see something that speaks to your life in our Keep The Memory line of urns, or in one of our other urn series, just ask us. Describe what you have in mind and challenge our craftsmen to create the perfect custom cremation urn just for you.

Susan Fraser,

Founder and CEO

Train Cremation Urn

by Bucky Moore


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